Spring? Break?

Well, Spring Break is over and I have to say, for the most part, it was a bust. Not only was it still freezing outside so we couldn’t enjoy any outdoor activities, but for most of the time Liam was covered with these mystery hives that looked awful and made it impossible to take him anywhere in public for fear people would think he was contagious (I did, of course, take him to a doctor and thankfully things seem to be resolving – but that whole story belongs in another post).

It was one of the longest weeks and a half of my life.

Thankfully, we ended the break on a high note. As a special early birthday surprise for Dylan, Bill and I made a three-day reservation for Key Lime Cove, a hotel/indoor water park in Gurnee, Illinois.

We managed to keep the secret of where we were going until the night before, when Bill decided to spill the beans. Although I was a bit disappointed not to get to see the look of awe and surprise in Dylan’s face upon seeing the place for the first time, his excitement and enthusiasm made us anxious to get there on Monday morning.

We knew our stay was going to be a hit because not only is swimming Dylan’s all-time favorite activity, but he also looooves staying at hotels (in fact, he calls the local Holiday Inn HIS hotel because we stayed there two nights a few years ago while our hardwood floors were being repaired. He still says he wants to go there all the time.), and we were not disappointed.

The hotel was a bit smaller than I had anticipated, but we still had a lot of fun. The water park was huge, and Dylan and Liam had an absolute ball there all three days. Dylan was a big fan of the lazy river and Liam loved going down the slides in the baby pool area. There was also a big arcade that they of course loved. In fact, they had fun just running up and down the halls and hanging out at the lobby!

It was not the most relaxing of getaways for me and Bill, but we still enjoyed ourselves very much. Most importantly, we got to spend lots of good family time just the four of us, which is really what this was all about. We wanted to celebrate our soon-to-be six-year-old (I still can’t believe that!) and just really take a moment to enjoy each other as a family.

The three days went way too quickly and now it’s back to the routine. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t happy school started already – the boy has A LOT of energy! – but I am so glad we had those days of enjoyment during his break. In reality, that was our Spring Break, those three days. And what fun we had!



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