People Are Annoying

I was originally going to call this blog “Pet Peeves”, but after I asked for input on other people’s pet peeves,  my friend Amy read through them and said this should be called, “People are annoying”. So there you go.

When I asked about what really bugs people, most of the replies revolved around the actions (or inactions) of others. Not the weather. Not the government. Other people. Drivers. The people you see at the grocery store (about which there were several peeves ranted!). Maybe we can all take a lesson here, if we find ourselves doing one of these things.

Personally, my biggest peeve is during drop off at school. The cars line up, nice and orderly. We slowly roll towards the drop off point, eject the kids, and continue down the street. Invariably, one or two cars, who in my mind, feel they are SO much better than the rest of us peons, and must certainly NOT have to wait in this orderly line like the proletariat, take it upon themselves to zoom past everyone in line, and right up to the front. Of course, now the original first car must wait for your royal ass to get your kids out before the line can again move. The potential for harm comes when one car may be taking some time with the kid drop off- it happens; backpack stuck, scolding, whatever. The car behind it pulls out after dropping off their kids, to drive away. I have seen near hits when that- oh, so very special and above us all-car cruises past nearly causing an accident because they should not be driving there in the first place.

Oh, and people who use WAAAaaay too much perfume. I have gagged in elevators when confined with them. Your B.O. is preferable to this floral effluvium.

Oh my God! I feel better. I have never really voiced these before, and now that I have, I feel lighter. It’s a Festivus Miracle, this Airing of Greivances. I asked my Facebook and email family if they might have any peeves…they do. So many, in fact, that this will be a two-week run of therapeutic rants. (Caution: you may be reminded of some of your own pet peeves, and get all worked up about it. My apologies.) Now it is your turn…bring on the greivances!

The woman who got me thinking about this (not from something she’s done, but because of her pet peeve, silly), Heidi Splinter: I have many pet peeves but, as of late my major pet peeve is during my morning commute on my way to drop my girls off at their sitter’s house I have to cross the railroad tracks.  If I do not time it exactly right the 7:20 train comes….Over time I have noticed a very annoying trend.  The train conductor will hold the train for attractive women.  On a rare occasion maybe for some guy running with his umbrella and paper..However if there is a hot blonde watch out!  I was especially annoyed and actually honked my horn when I witnessed a young, blonde woman walk as slowly as possible to the awaiting train.  I could not believe my eyes when I witnessed the conductor hold up all of us sitting in our cars as she walked, not ran, to the awaiting train….Also I love to watch all those people think they have time to park their cars, pay the parking lot meter and make it to the train in time… prepared people …give yourself 5 min to spare….there are fifty of us sitting on the other side of the railroad gates waiting to drive for our commute!!! Whatever!

Matthew: Despite the abundance and ubiquitous availability of facial tissues to relieve America’s residents of excess nasal mucus, it seems an increasing proportion of people experiencing such symptoms are choosing to forgo the immediate relief, comfort, and disposal offered by tissues in favor of loudly snorting the troublesome nasal contents up into their heads, from whence Earth’s gravity and the natural drainage characteristics of the sinuses cause it to flow back toward where it started, whereupon the person invariably decides to repeat the ineffective method again, perhaps with more force but no greater success, and to then repeat this cycle of disgusting public disturbance and failure indefinitely.

Keri: Saying ‘good’ when it should be ‘well’ is a big one. No shirt at the table is another one, which I think is more good manners, but James calls it my pet peeve. Work realted (I’m a cahsier): paper bag requests or too many items in express lane (espcially if you pretend you didn’t know), saying your phone number with head turned away from the person needing to hear it, and biggest one: staying on cell phone for out entire transaction (top it off by acting like I’m the one being rude & interrupting and I will be screaming nasty things at you in my head!!)

Kathleen: In Kentucky, drivers don’t seem to know that you are supposed to yield to oncoming cars when you are turning left. Light turns green, and cars consistently turn left in front of me. Which isn’t surprising, considering there is no driver’s ed taught in the high schools. Parents just pass on their poor driving skills to their kids. Turn arrows help…but those are usually only at large intersections. At all others, out-of-state drivers beware.

Pam: Couples “grocery shopping” together. Those couples that stand two people plus one cart width wide in front of the freezer, fruit, etc. discussing their options (because neither one is holding a list), while my cart full of noise makers is parked in the on-deck circle with me trying to get most of my list before the meltdown starts.

John: Person is checking out at a grocery store; standing there waiting for every item to be scanned; being told the total; and THEN taking out the debit card. Or worse, their check book and they start writing. What, are you surprised they asked for payment? It’s pretty routine.

Robin: My pet peeve is chewing…yep chewing. For example: I hate when I am concentrating on something (reading or writing) and my hubby sits next to me and chews loudly on ice/wintergreen (sic) lifesavers or anything else loud and crunchy. It’s like nails on a chalk board to me…..just thinking about it is making my skin crawl…….ahhhhhhh (probably reflects when a kid behind me during the SATs took out an apple and ate it—REALLY???)

Dana: There are so many to choose from. Let’s see… hearing people eat or breathe, nose ‘whistling’, people who don’t pick up trash who instead choose to walk over it, people who leave a mess for other’s to clean up (coming from an x-waitress), new checkout lines opening and they don’t say ‘next in line please’, people who drive slower than the speed limit… shall I go on?? lol!

But wait, there’s more to come next week. If you wish to include your Pet Peeve, send it and I’ll print it.

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