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My blog silence has a name, Alexander Thomas Vihon. He was born March 22nd at 3:35AM, just in time to have his picture on the air on WGN Morning News an hour after his arrival. I am happy to report that labor and delivery were as peaceful and easy as promised by my wonderful Dr.... Read more »

Goodbye, Aimee

This coming week marks the one-year anniversary of the loss of our dog Aimee. We still miss her very much. In memory of her, I am reposting this entry.  ___________________ Well, it happened. The moment we were dreading since we found out Aimee’s terrible diagnosis finally arrived this past Monday. I came home around mid-morning... Read more »

People Are Still Annoying

Thank you for your patience last week, but in light of all the insanity that was occurring in Boston and Watertown, I could not write about fluff. It’s a different story this week. We need some levity. I warned you that there were more pet peeves to be aired. I wanted to post them all two... Read more »

Touch A Truck Family Festival

Forget the toy trucks – here, children can get a close up look at the real things! At the Touch A Truck Family Festival, kids will get the opportunity to climb aboard many super-sized vehicles in a safe, protected environment.   In addition, food, raffles, kiddie train rides, DJ, and other fun and entertainment will be... Read more »

The Mother-Son Dance

Despite the constant mess in the house, the incessant loud screaming (usually happy squeals, but very loud nonetheless), and the nonstop movement around me, I love having two kids. Two very hyper, active boys are definitely a handful, but I love watching them play together and seeing their relationship as friends as well as brothers... Read more »

Bringing A Baby into this World

We interrupt our usual levity, and in particular, the airing of our pet peeves this week so that a more serious topic can be discussed. Have no fear, inanity and silliness resume next week. The day after the horrific bombings in Boston, a very pregnant friend on Facebook brought up her fears. “What kind of... Read more »

Super WHY Comes To Chicago

The Emmy-nominated kids TV series Super WHY now has a live theater performance that is coming to Chicago on Friday, April 26 at the Chicago Theater.  Based on the top-rated PBS Kids TV series, Super WHY Live: You’ve Got the Power will combine entertainment and education for an interactive live experience. This exciting theatrical show... Read more »

People Are Annoying

I was originally going to call this blog “Pet Peeves”, but after I asked for input on other people’s pet peeves,  my friend Amy read through them and said this should be called, “People are annoying”. So there you go. When I asked about what really bugs people, most of the replies revolved around the... Read more »

Everyone Needs A Vacation

Rich or poor, young or old, everyone needs a vacation now and then.  A break from your normal life and all the things you NEED to do. A few weeks ago, the boys were on Spring Break and even though we did not go anywhere, it was a blast.  Next year, we will go someplace... Read more »

Spring? Break?

Well, Spring Break is over and I have to say, for the most part, it was a bust. Not only was it still freezing outside so we couldn’t enjoy any outdoor activities, but for most of the time Liam was covered with these mystery hives that looked awful and made it impossible to take him... Read more »