My blog silence has a name, Alexander Thomas Vihon. He was born March 22nd at 3:35AM, just in time to have his picture on the air on WGN Morning News an hour after his arrival. I am happy to report that labor and delivery were as peaceful and easy as promised by my wonderful Dr. Bonnie Wise.

No, Dr. Wise didn’t make it to Alex’s birth since he was 2 weeks early. The equally calming, no nonsense and caring Dr Seema Venkatachalam (Dr. V) promised and delivered the most “wonderful” experience. Well, as wonderful as pushing an 8Lb 2oz baby can be. I will spare you the details, but all of you who told me the second delivery would be easier than the first were correct. I also think that having your doctors and nurses aware of what a nightmare your first delivery was can only be to your benefit.

As you know, I am no hero, so I used every resource modern medicine has to offer to deliver this baby as free of pain as possible. Yet I did shock myself when towards the end of it all, I stopped pumping myself with epidural and used the contraction pain I could tolerate to my advantage. Ten minutes of pushing and Alex was in our arms. (After being nicely cleaned by our wonderful Prentice nurse Maggie)

From the moment labor started Dr. V and Maggie had a plan and thankfully it was flawlessly executed. When I gave birth to my first child, it felt a bit chaotic, rushed (even though I was in labor for 14 hours and pushed for 2) and crowded. At one point it seemed I had too many doctors (the “benefits” of a teaching hospital) and too many nurses. This time, at game time (March Madness games were playing on the TV), it was Dr. V, Nurse Maggie and my husband helping me welcome Alex into the world.

I really wanted to experience motherhood for a second time so I could enjoy all those moments that newbie parents miss out on because we are so anxiety ridden. I must thank Northwestern Specialists for Women (all the doctors, nurses and physicians assistants) for taking care of me throughout this process. Dr.V for making sure I would have great memories of my second labor experience. And all the nurses at Prentice Hospital for your amazing care and compassion. Easy delivery and all, this boy was big so I needed some tender loving care. All the nurses listened to my needs and made sure I’d be in decent shape when I went home.

Oh yeah, home! Where a 5 year old awaited me with a bucket full of jealousy and recrimination for ruining her perfect only child life. More on that in the next posts. Ay Mama!

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