Bringing A Baby into this World

We interrupt our usual levity, and in particular, the airing of our pet peeves this week so that a more serious topic can be discussed. Have no fear, inanity and silliness resume next week.

The day after the horrific bombings in Boston, a very pregnant friend on Facebook brought up her fears. “What kind of world am I bringing this baby into?”

A world in which some terrible people would bomb a finish line and take the lives and limbs of myriad numbers, or where school kids are gunned down in their very classrooms.

I completely understood. In fact, in writing this blog, I discovered a family coincidence I wish I didn’t share with my maternal Grandma, but that is coming up. Spoilers…

I was newly pregnant with Zoe during the attacks of September 11th, and I didn’t know it yet. When I found out two weeks later, all I could think of was that very question. How could I bring a baby into this world of war, terrorism, and fear, and where we are under attack?

During my pregnancy, I took a step back and realized that  I was born during the Vietnam War. My mom was pregnant with me while men and boys were being drafted and killed overseas. Where my Dad narrowly avoided being drafted on April 1st, when my sister was born on March 30th and he became a father, and thereby exempt.

What just blew my mind was realizing my Grandmother Mrizek was pregnant with my mother during the attack on Pearl Harbor. Both of us were having our first girls during the two worst attacks on American soil.

By the time my mom was born, we were fully entrenched in WWII. I have to believe my Grandma struggled with similar concerns over having my mom as I did over having Zoe.

Both of my Grandmothers were born during WWI, and were teens when the Great Depression hit.

So, what kind of world are we bringing our babies into today? The same world that has been around for at least four generations of my family. Perhaps my Great grand parents were born during the Civil War. I am not sure, but it would be close.

Maybe, just maybe, this will change for my daughter when she is pregnant (oh Lord, please let her be in her 20’s or 30’s and happily married- I can be a bit old fashioned, can’t I?). I’d like to think that the next woman along my familial line will bring her baby into a world at peace. I’d like to think that, but sadly, I am not counting on it.

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