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Time to Say Goodbye? No Way!

At the supermarket the other day, the cashier smiled at Liam in the cart and asked me how old he was. When I responded he was twenty-one months old, she got this horrified, almost disgusted look on her face and exclaimed “And he’s still using a pacifier?!” I was so taken aback that I could... Read more »

Facial Hair (No Not Mine- in Men)

Facial Hair (No Not Mine- in Men)
Scott & I have a long term deal with each other. I like it when he grows a beard and some years, during the cold months when the sun won’t be visible to tan his cheeks, he will grow one. Why not? I always figured. I get a kick out of how men will express... Read more »

Our Oscar

Although I was the one who fell in love with our puppy Oscar’s picture and it was my idea to go meet him, I have to admit, I had serious doubts about getting a dog at this point in time. Not only do I already have my hands full with Dylan and Liam, but with... Read more »

The Vernal Equinox

My mantra during the cold winter months from December 21st on is always the same: The Days Are Getting Longer. (For ‘Game of Thrones’ fans- I could never be a Stark with their ‘Winter is Coming’ motto) I take comfort in that statement, knowing as I drive the kids to piano lessons at 5PM in the... Read more »

Super Why Comes To Chicago

Super Why Live characters
The Emmy-nominated kids TV series Super WHY now has a live theater performance that is coming to Chicago on Friday, April 26 at the Chicago Theater.  Based on the top-rated PBS Kids TV series, Super WHY Live: You’ve Got the Power will combine entertainment and education for an interactive live experience. This exciting theatrical show... Read more »

Any day now, right?

As of last week, this baby can come any day now. My due date is April 4th but, sparing you details, for 2 weeks now my doctors have said he will be early. At my last visit, the doctor pretty much told me she would see me at the hospital this week. Well, call it... Read more »

A House of Pestilence

Apologies, dear readers, but all four of us have come down with the stomach flu and I have not been able to write a new post. Here is an oldie but goody from last year. Enjoy! ************************ The Drop-off Birthday Party Not too long ago, we attended a birthday party for one of Dylan’s playgroup... Read more »

The Moms Got Away

The Moms Got Away
Eight suburban moms spent a long weekend in Florida together. Amy burned her feet terribly, as she forgot to sunscreen her tootsies. I burned the backs of my calves for the same reason. Several backs and faces were burned. With all our odd sunburned places, we could make one complete human (stolen from Keri). Time spent... Read more »

You’re Moving Where?

A few months ago, my brother told me that he and his wife were moving to Austin, TX. My sister-in-law got a new job in Texas and my brother decided he was going to take the next step in his career and go to culinary school. Now I know this is not earth-shattering news, and... Read more »

Words to live by

“I couldn’t be married to a woman who was more successful than me,” said my father right in front of my mother and me. He didn’t say it with pride, after all, he helped raise a successful daughter. He was talking about this fact as a shortcoming. One that my mother, who was a school... Read more »