Sick, Sicker, Sickest

Last week, Scott had a cold. Nothing major. He said he was SWC, which in his world of acronyms, means Struggling With Congestion.

I know.

He got off easy.

Flash forward to Sunday, and I start coughing and not feeling right. Great, I think. I had bronchitis for Lollapalooza and my Dad’s visit in August. I had the flu for Thanksgiving and the McCarrons’ visit. Now I’m sick again!? (Oh crap, was someone coming to visit?)

It was President’s Day and we had plans to go see Sue the T-Rex. Nope. I lay abed most of the day feeling progressively worse. C’mon.

Tuesday was a blur of doctors offices, piano lessons and pharmacy visits. Tuesday night I realized the true horror of this illness. You don’t sleep. I tossed and turned all night, and coughed. Around 4AM, I was at the breaking point and felt the worst that I have felt in years. I took my temperature. 103. It was time to wake Scott for some help, as I was a miserable puddle.

Scott got the kids off to school Wednesday and stays home with me, just in case. I was kinda scared having such a high fever and by being so incapacitated. The school calls at 10AM. Zoe’s in the office with a fever. I go get her, as Scott is on a call. 11AM: the school calls again. Very apologetically, the nurse tells me that Sam is now in the office with a fever. Scott’s still on that call, so I go and get him.

I know I look like crap, and when I walk in that door, everyone shoots me frowny faces and sympathetic looks. If it didn’t suck so bad, it would have been comical. I am sure I looked dire to them.

I spend the next several hours in bed with my two sickies. We all rotate between chills and sweats as our fevers ebb and flow. I do sneak away to Zoe’s room for a short nap, which is all I am able to sleep anyway, apparently.

Sam is up at night in pain from a headache. Zoe’s tummy hurts. I make the mistake of taking a bath, thinking it will feel wonderful. It did, but you never bathe while feverish. Duh. I shook violently for 10 minutes afterwards. Ugh.

We are off to see the Doctor in a half hour now. My sick ass is dragging in two very pained children who I’ve not ever seen feel so miserable.

I just hope I can make it through this day. None of us feel like eating (I bet I lost 3 pounds since Sunday), none of us can sleep. I think I even hallucinated during the night last night. If there ever was a time for Calgon, this is it, but then again, that would mean another bath. Hell no.

Ay, Mama!

P.S. Sorry for being a cloud, but I did say that sometimes you need to vent. This is one.

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