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Who Needs Toys?

The pile of pillows.
Last week, Cooper and Cole spent most of their days NOT playing with the endless amount of toys they have accumulated. Rather, they spent hours run and jumping into a pile of pillows. Who knew that a pile of pillow could keep Cooper and Cole occupied, happy, active and most importantly NOT FIGHTING for hours.... Read more »

You must do it the second time around

Photo by Julia Franzosa
I call this baby the Costco/hand me down child. For our first born, we wanted everything and it all had to be new. Our family and friends were extremely generous and our daughter ended up with a brand spanking arsenal of baby equipment, accessories, and let’s be real, crap that she stopped using within months.... Read more »

When Mami has an "Ouchie"

When Dylan was about 22 months old, I had to go into the hospital for an emergency appendectomy. The surgery was pretty painful and the recovery took twice as long as it should have because my incision site got infected a few days later. The most difficult part of the whole ordeal, however, was dealing... Read more »

Sick, Sicker, Sickest

Last week, Scott had a cold. Nothing major. He said he was SWC, which in his world of acronyms, means Struggling With Congestion. I know. He got off easy. Flash forward to Sunday, and I start coughing and not feeling right. Great, I think. I had bronchitis for Lollapalooza and my Dad’s visit in August.... Read more »

The Value of Money

The Value of Money
Cooper (the six-year old) has had a wallet for over a year now, and had saved up $18 from tooth fairy visits and doing some chores around the house.  He has never spent any of his money, as whenever we go out and he wants something, we buy it. Last Monday, we decided to go... Read more »

No space for baby

You are looking at the best Valentine’s Day gift my husband could have ever given me; almost clearing up the dining room so it can become our child’s nursery. We live in a 2 bedroom apartment and our rent is not up until August. Hence, our newborn will first sleep with us and eventually move... Read more »

Goodbye "Pitita"

There have been lots of changes in our house recently. Liam, as you know, is always in a big hurry to grow up and the last few weeks have been no exception. First we said goodbye to the baby tub, a gigantic European contraption recommended to me by my cousin when Dylan came home. The... Read more »

Accentuating the Positive: Lessons in Attitude Improvement

This comes as no surprise to those of us who live in the arctic tundra, but February is a hard month. It’s dark. Cold. Dreary. Devoid of holidays. Blah. (And no, Valentines Day & President’s Day don’t count as holidays- Mardi Gras does, but it’s not like I can go to Rio or New Orleans at... Read more »

Game plan

It took me almost 4 years to want to have another child. For a few years, everything about motherhood seemed like something I needed to live just once. Call it hormones, the end of the first born toddler years, I have no idea what it was but two years ago, I felt the need again.... Read more »

The Best Valentine

Valentine’s Day is a big deal in our house. Find out why in an oldie but goodie Ay, Mama! *********************************************** Twelve years ago, Bill bought me a tiny, adorable Jack Russell Terrier puppy for Valentine’s Day. She was the first dog I ever had. We named her Aimee and she quickly became our spoiled little... Read more »