No space for baby

You are looking at the best Valentine’s Day gift my husband could have ever given me; almost clearing up the dining room so it can become our child’s nursery. We live in a 2 bedroom apartment and our rent is not up until August. Hence, our newborn will first sleep with us and eventually move to what we used to call our dining room.

Why do I consider this a gift? Our son will be here in about 6 weeks. My husband is very superstitious about having anything set up for a baby that is still not here. He is also dealing with an ailing father whose future care is unknown. Not to mention, a wife who is in full third trimester panic about lack of space, but can barely move anything around. Needless to say, the man can’t catch a break. So it was a very pleasent and touching surprise to see the dining room clear. You may say he did it to preserve his sanity; I prefer to think that after 15 years he still listens to me and wants to make me happy.

What could make me even happier? My wonderful, generous friends Lisa and Ken who took our daughter out for the entire day to Navy Pier, giving me a break while Steve went to check on his Dad. At drop off, they took the dining room furniture to store for us in their “sprawling suburban estate”. I promise I will never bitch again about driving to South Barrington to see them.

These are trying times for our family — welcoming a new member of our clan while taking care of the oldest one but in the words of my friend Lisa “it is what it is”. Thank God for family and friends who are like family who always see us through. Ay Mama!

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