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It took me almost 4 years to want to have another child. For a few years, everything about motherhood seemed like something I needed to live just once. Call it hormones, the end of the first born toddler years, I have no idea what it was but two years ago, I felt the need again. Don’t call it pregnant amnesia because I vividly remember every minute of my labor and delivery, especially the recovery from the whole process.

You should feel very lucky because I’m sparing you the details, most of my friends had to endure the telling and re-telling of the story for about a year, but let’s just say my anxiety over giving birth may be almost as bad as the first time. So when I noticed that my OB-GYN wasn’t going to be in town during the last week of my pregnancy, I panicked.

I gave birth with one of her partners, a lovely, capable physician but not my doctor. When I was nursing my wounds, I always wondered “maybe this wouldn’t have happened with my own doctor.” So when I went for my 32 weeks appointment last Friday, I “confronted” my doctor.

“Why is your whole month of March blocked? I told you I need to have this baby with you? What if this baby comes early like his sister?”

With the zen-like patience that I’m sure is the result of years of practice with crazy pregnant women and daily yoga, Dr. W assured me that if I make it to 40 weeks, she can induce labor and deliver my second child.

“But Amelia was 10 days early. What if this boy is early? Can you leave a note to your partners to be nice to me? Can you make sure no residents touch me down there?” (that last one is another what if, since the doctor allowed a medical resident to use the forceps to pull our daughter out. I’ve always wondered if that person had practiced enough before coming to me.)

Again, Dr. W smiled and said “You are going to be fine. You already delivered a nice size baby and your body will remember what to do. It’s going to be a calm and pleasant experience.”

I left the appointment feeling a little bit better until the scheduling assistant told me that indeed Dr. W had opened her March calendar, but that she was on vacation the last week of the month. Needless to say, I will do my best to have this baby at 40 weeks. If he decides to show up earlier, Dr. W better not be out of the country or I will hunt her down. Ay Mama!

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