Vacationing and Social Media

Am I going to get a little preachy here? Maybe. Do I feel strongly enough about this topic to want to provide a gentle nudge and get you thinking about what you post on social media and when? Yes. So here…but first:


1. Unless you personally know and are in contact with every single person on your Friends List or people who subscribe to you, disregard this entire blog. You can clearly vouch for everyone’s character, so you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

2. If you avoid social media like the plague, go ahead and skim this, keeping it in the back of your head. You may change your mind someday and join the rest of the world at these wonderful ways to keep in touch. (Oh, snap!)


Don’t tell the world of social media that you will be away from your home for an extended period of time.

Perhaps that guy you vaguely remember from high school isn’t as honorable as you kinda-sorta remember him being.

Maybe your college friend’s daughter is on crack and scours her Mom’s Facebook page looking for an empty house to rob so she can feed her jones.

Perhaps someone likes your Facebook photo of you on the tropical beach, and it appears on their friend’s news feed. Suddenly a complete stranger knows your name and that you are far, far away from home.

You have no idea who may be discovering that you and your family packed it up and headed to California for a week, leaving behind an empty, tempting house. Here’s a photo of us taken today at the Golden Gate Bridge- we’re nowhere near home, come on over and rob us!

If you absolutely must, keep a little journal of things you would want to post and share, and then upon your return, share with us. Imagine the surprise if someone disreputable does stake out your place, and you are there.

This holiday season, and really, any vacation season, “Be Smart, and Hush” (Catchy, huh?). We’ll all still be here to hear all about your trip and look at your photos. Of course, if you are away and leaving your spouse/family home to guard the fort, post and brag and send all the photos you wish.

(Does anyone remember the pre-social media parties that grown-ups had where you’d have to sit through slideshows of their vacation pictures? It can’t have been just my family. I totally remember sitting through vacation slideshows as a kid while barely managing to sit still. “Here’s Uncle Bob at the restaurant…” Although I remember being fascinated by my Dad’s friend who went to the Galapagos. Now that was awesome for a 12 year old budding science geek to see all the iguanas and boobies (the birds, silly! Where is your mind?).

Ay, Mama!

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