Pillow Therapy

Back in the day when I was a teenager, I dated a boy. I refer to him as the “What was I thinking?” guy, mainly because he was such bad news, but honestly, we all need to date ‘that guy’ to know what can go really really wrong in a relationship.

My poor mother may have wanted to throttle me while I was dating him, but she was smart and let me make my own mistakes, and also, she knew I would never talk to her again, like EVER, if I was forbidden to see him (and I would have found ways anyway, introducing lying into our relationship).

Anyway…we were a volitile combination. We fought. A lot. One day we went swimming after a fight, and we started splashing each other. Then really splashing each other, letting off steam towards the other person in a non-violent way.

We dubbed it “Aqua Therapy”.

The other day, Sam had a rough day. I wondered if he may be getting sick again, as he was waaay out of sorts.

As I was dragging him to bed, he really started having a snit, the little grump.

I grabbed a pillow off of his bed and flat out hit him with it. Then I threw him a pillow and made him hit me.

He did.

Then looked at me, confused.

“Hit me again! If you can…” I taunted. He walloped me, so I nailed him, and then…my grump started laughing. We ended up having a blast.

I let him take out whatever his frustrations were onto me and I got to hit him a bit too- always therapeutic!

I get many, many things wrong in this territory called motherhood, providing fodder for future therapists, but once in awhile, something works. And this one did.

The next time you want to throttle your child for climbing up on the table at a restaurant and stepping in the pizza, grab a pillow, and have at it!

Ay, Mama!


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