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2013: More of the same or better

There is a saying in Spain when you are asked about your wishes for the New Year: “que me quede igual o mejor.” Loosely translated: “may I stay the same as this year or better.” 2012 was not an awesome year, not an outstanding year for me but it was good enough. My family is... Read more »

Happy New Year 2013!

Ever since my grandmother passed away on New Years’ Day a couple of years ago, this holiday has been tinged with sadness for me. I know she would not have wanted it to be so – nobody liked a good party more than my Abuelita – but in my heart, there is no separating the... Read more »

Vacationing and Social Media

Am I going to get a little preachy here? Maybe. Do I feel strongly enough about this topic to want to provide a gentle nudge and get you thinking about what you post on social media and when? Yes. So here…but first: Disclaimers: 1. Unless you personally know and are in contact with every single person on... Read more »

The Puerto Rican Christmas

Merry Christmas, dear readers! Since we are back in PR for the holidays, I thought it fitting to repost this entry. **** Greetings from sunny Puerto Rico! We are in the island celebrating Christmas with my family. This is only the third time in eleven years that we have traveled to Puerto Rico for the holidays,... Read more »

Have Faith

Those Mayans didn’t exactly say what time the world will end today, so I feel the need to fulfill my obligation to write my blog, just in case the end comes this afternoon or later this evening. This past week has been one of horrors unfolding in front of our eyes. The loss of all... Read more »

Happy Holidays!

My words this week are short, but from the heart.  Thank you for reading my column and for your support!  I love having the opportunity to write this blog every week and share (and or vent) with you about what is going on in my life or what I am thinking about at the moment. ... Read more »

It could have been my kid

That’s all I can think of sice Friday.  The terrible tragedy, the massacre in Newtown, Conneticut could have happened at my daughter’s school. The faces of the young victims remind me of my little girl and her friends.  What seemed unfathomable a week ago is now totally possible. But since Friday, I’ve also thought about... Read more »

Heartbreak and Fear

(This post was written Friday, December 14, 2012) I have been debating all day whether I should write about the topic of being afraid. You see, I don’t want to give you the wrong impression about Puerto Rico. It is a beautiful, wonderful place and I am excited to go and see my family, but... Read more »

Pillow Therapy

Back in the day when I was a teenager, I dated a boy. I refer to him as the “What was I thinking?” guy, mainly because he was such bad news, but honestly, we all need to date ‘that guy’ to know what can go really really wrong in a relationship. My poor mother may have... Read more »

To List or Not To List

Every year, it’s the same thing for my family…do we create a wish-list for everyone to make shopping easier?  It’s divided among the group…some want a list to aid in their shopping efforts; and others do not as we should know each other well enough to just buy something. Every year, we wind up doing lists... Read more »