It could have been my kid

That’s all I can think of sice Friday.  The terrible tragedy, the massacre in Newtown, Conneticut could have happened at my daughter’s school. The faces of the young victims remind me of my little girl and her friends.  What seemed unfathomable a week ago is now totally possible.

But since Friday, I’ve also thought about the shooter and how he could have been my son, anyone’s son.  Mental illness can happen in any family and, I always thought, if untreated, what happened in Sandy Hook would be the horrible consequence.  But after reading a heartbreaking blog post from a mother of a young man with mental illness, I’m even more lost.

This woman has done everything she can to help her mentally ill son and to sandly protect herself, her other sons and society from him but that help doesn’t seem to be enough.

It’s a painful read but it’s must read .

As I sit here 24 weeks pregnant with a boy, I wonder what I am going to get. I pray for a  physically and now more than mentally healthy son. Ay Mama!

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