Winter Wonderland Whirlwind

Sam got sick on the Monday of Thanksgiving week, which was also his first day of vacation. Poor guy. High fever, cough, general malaise.

Then he gave it to me.

It was funny, only in that I could watch the path my illness would take by his lead, though I was slower to make the same recovery. Stupid age.

I called my Mom and her husband Ed and advised them against coming up for Thanksgiving, as while I was on the mend, I was in no way 100%. We ended up having a small, but lovely day, and we have way to much pie left over. Seriously, three pies. And guess who forgot to put out the pies when we had guests over…me. I am swimming in pies.

I slept like the dead for two hours on Turkey Day while the bird was on the Webber (BBQ’d turkey is delicious with less risk of burning down your house from a grease fire.)

I survived, and we made it downtown on Sunday with Scott’s mom Joan for a Christmassy day walking the Mag Mile with the kids & half of the Graham family. We had decadent hot chocolate at Ghirradelli’s, saw the Water Tower, the Kristkindle Market (the Glug Mugs this year are awesome!), Macy’s windows and then ‘Potted Potter’, a ‘Broadway in Chicago’ play that is a parody of 7 Harry Potter books in 70 minutes (their ad libs were hysterical too!).

A great day was had by all, and would you believe, on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, with a Bears game in town- we didn’t hit a single lick of traffic. The highways were clear as we flew there and back. Egads!

Now we are on to the next phase of the holiday season. I bid you peace, serenity, and an open, giving heart. This year, I endeavour to sit back, enjoy some mulled wine, lie under the tree with the kids and squint our eyes up to make the lights dance.

Enjoy the little things this year, and try not to sweat the big ones.

Random Thought: Sunday, as I was watching the lack of traffic and getting hit for a Slug Bug, it occurred to me, what if there was a Volkswagon driver who was not in the know, that would constantly see people punching each other everywhere they drove. I’d imagine they’d find this world incredibly violent.

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