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Winter Wonderland Whirlwind

Sam got sick on the Monday of Thanksgiving week, which was also his first day of vacation. Poor guy. High fever, cough, general malaise. Then he gave it to me. It was funny, only in that I could watch the path my illness would take by his lead, though I was slower to make the... Read more »

Tis The Season

Are you looking for something to get you in the Holiday spirit?  Here are some of my favorite things to do this Holiday Season.  Did I miss something?  Please share your favorite places or traditions with me so I can add them to my calendar. Winter Wonderland John Hancock Center, 875 N. Michigan Avenue This... Read more »

First Visit to the Pediatric Dentist: Good Experience, Bad Results

First Visit to the Pediatric Dentist: Good Experience, Bad Results
Going to the dentist is one of my great fears. Yes, I go. No, I don’t like it. I’ve never liked it. My first experience as a child at a dentist office wasn’t good, and my sister’s was worse. I don’t remember my mom and dad being allowed to come back with me; I don’t remember going... Read more »

Don't touch the belly

“I know you can’t help it. I know you mean no disrespect. I know is out of pure sweetness but please don’t touch my belly.” For the past month, I would have liked to say that to more than one person who felt compelled to touch my baby bump, as soon as I confirmed I... Read more »

The Very Special Christmas Tree

When I was a kid growing up inPuerto Rico, everybody I knew had a color-coordinated, matching Christmas tree. To me, the mismatched Christmas tree with ornaments handmade by the kids throughout their school years and special ornaments that evoked some kind of fond memory or sentimental occasion only existed in the movies. It was one... Read more »

Anti-Black Thursday

Why in the hell is this even a thing? Consumers should be so stuffed with turkey, triptophan and pie that they can’t possibly get their asses off the couch, leave their family and football to support these ridiculous stores who are demanding their employees give up their own holiday plans so shoppers can save $13... Read more »

How to Teach Children the Meaning of Thanksgiving

Being the Thursday blogger for Ay Mama!, I am fortunate enough to get to write on Thanksgiving.  I have to say this is my favorite holiday because it’s all about getting together as a family and eating delicious FOOD!  You would think that being a vegetarian would make this holiday a tough one for me,... Read more »

A pregnant Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving I’m especially thankful for: 1) Elastic waistband: I’ve popped earlier than with my first pregnancy so by 14 weeks, my bottom half was clamoring for maternity pants. If you ask me, even the skinny girls would love jeans with an elastic waistband. I’ll make it my mission to make them popular after I... Read more »

Four Things I am Grateful for this Thanksgiving

  1. My three boys Of course, my number one blessings in life are my husband and my children. There are no words to describe my love and appreciation for Bill, Dylan and Liam other than to say they are my everything. I know I am beyond blessed to have such a wonderful husband and... Read more »

Just Another Manic Cleaning Day

Oh, Holy Crap… How is Thursday Thanksgiving already? Weren’t we just Trick-or-Treating and running around outside in shorts last weekend? I realize Thanksgiving comes early this year, and, having seen Christmas toys and decorations in stores for two months now, you’d think it wouldn’t come as such a surprise. It has. I am hosting again this... Read more »