Don't touch the belly

“I know you can’t help it. I know you mean no disrespect. I know is out of pure sweetness but please don’t touch my belly.”

For the past month, I would have liked to say that to more than one person who felt compelled to touch my baby bump, as soon as I confirmed I was pregnant. I’m just not a confrontational person.

Here’s the thing, I’m five months along. The only one feeling this baby move is me. What you are touching is me, my skin, my body, my personal space.

Most people that do this do not even ask if they can touch. They just go for as if I all of a sudden I enjoy the random caress of strangers.

It may be the pregnant hormones talking but I would like anybody who is going to get hand-sy with my mid section to at least ask if I mind.

I don’t remember this being an issue during my first pregnancy but I also didn’t show so early. Maybe by the time I’m seven months along I won’t mind it as much. But for now, hands off my belly, people! Ay Mama!

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