Anti-Black Thursday

Why in the hell is this even a thing?

Consumers should be so stuffed with turkey, triptophan and pie that they can’t possibly get their asses off the couch, leave their family and football to support these ridiculous stores who are demanding their employees give up their own holiday plans so shoppers can save $13 on a camera.

Stop it!

If you don’t shop on Thursday, maybe these businesses will notice this practice is not fiscally sound, and keep their doors closed on Thanksgiving next year. This will allow thousands of workers to stay home and enjoy their own turkey dinner with their family. (Even if their family drives them nuts, Uncle Phil is drunk again, and the gravy was lumpy, but this is America, and everyone should be able to experience these joys instead of having leave a house full of family and friends because they could get fired if they don’t.)

I decided against alerting you to what businesses are opening their doors on a national holiday.¬†I don’t want them to get any more press than they have already gotten.¬†Personally I find this all obscene, and support that this year, workers are revolting against these demands to work on a national holiday. According to one article I read, more than 20 new petitions were created last week on demanding retailers to push back their opening times to Friday so that workers can spend Thanksgiving at home and Wal-Mart employees were talking strike as of this writing. Good for them!

Please note:

Macy’s is not open.

Costco is not open.

Nordstrom is closed. (and see below)

So people, this is easy…don’t go. Stop supporting this appalling trend, go back to lining up at 5AM Friday morning, and just suffer through your family like the rest of us have to!

Ay, Mama, indeed!

P.S. I just saw an ad for Nordstrom wishing us a Happy Thanksgiving, and that they will not be decking their halls until November 23rd, because they like celebrating one holiday at a time. Kudos to them.

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