A pregnant Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving I’m especially thankful for:

1) Elastic waistband: I’ve popped earlier than with my first pregnancy so by 14 weeks, my bottom half was clamoring for maternity pants. If you ask me, even the skinny girls would love jeans with an elastic waistband. I’ll make it my mission to make them popular after I get my pre baby shape back.

2) Old Navy, Gap and Target Maternity clothes: affordable, cute and often on sale.

3) Teavana Zingiber Ginger Coconut tea and TUMS: after 2PM, every morsel of any kind of food gives me heartburn, yet I’m still hungry. Like my cousin says, the tea gives me healthy burps.

4) An all female OBGYN practice: mine in particular has understood my anxiety after a previous miscarriage and has answered every question and concern, no matter how far fetched it is. They never make me feel like I’m exaggerating and they are willing to throw in an unscheduled ultrasound for my peace of mind.

5) A family of girlfriends that has answered my frantic phone calls through the first trimester and some tearful ones during the second. (Note to self: stop reading every article about everything that can go wrong)

6) A husband that asks “when are you going to gain weight?” because he really thinks I’m all baby and who said yes to a second child after I had convinced him we should only have one.

I have a lot to be thankful for this Thursday. I’m sure you do too. Now, I need to go buy more tea for after the Thanksgiving meal. Ay Mama!

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