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He's at it again...

It is now Sunday morning and I am finally able to sit down and write this post. It’s not that we’ve been so busy with activities that I haven’t had time. It’s just that, for the past couple of weeks, I’ve been walking around like a zombie, just getting through the day. Before last night... Read more »

I Got Nuthin', So Thank God For Fall TV

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you just cant get your shit together? I am SO in the throes of one of those weeks, and I am not sure why. I have a laundry list of things to do (Oh crap…the laundry!), and I am feeling so overwhelmed, I don’t know where... Read more »

Keeping Kids Active

Today, my friend Sheryl Nelson, owner of The Goddard School, located in Elgin, will share with us some amazing insight on the benefits of keeping your children active.  Sheryl has a Master’s degree in Psychology and Education with a focus on Early Childhood. Prior to Goddard, she gained some valuable experience working at the American... Read more »

I don't want to talk about it

I pick up my bifocals today. It’s been “clear” (heh) since last year that I could make good use of them (see “It’s Clear…” ) and a few other physical tuneups. I had knee surgery last month. Yah, I’m limpin’ along. Like I said, I don’t want to talk about it.

Not Breakin’ The Law, Makin’ The Law: My Media Trifecta

My Previous Blog As September comes to a close, we turn the chapter on another Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. It always makes me wonder if our goal of spreading awareness and making a difference was successful for our children, the pediatric cancer community, the childhood cancer medical experts and facilities. I have no tool to... Read more »

Kids stuff up to 70% off

I was about to bitch and whine about Chicago’s Fall weather and how it literally makes me sick. I’m going through my second cold in 4 weeks. I’ll spare you the sob story for a great deal on everything you need for your kids that you can take advantage of until September 27th in Villa Park,... Read more »

Extreme Baby Proofing

A friend of mine came over to the house the other day to drop something off and upon entering, she exclaimed “Oh my God! It looks like you guys are moving!” I looked around my living room and sighed. It was true. The place was bare. Such has been the extreme of baby proofing Liam... Read more »

What on Earth are you Afraid of?

First it was The Red Guy. Then The Dancing Cat. Now, it’s the Bat Child Found in Cave. I know, right? 90% of the time, Sam is a regular old, ordinary boy. But look out for that 10%. Every so often, something triggers a major fear response in him, and we are currently in the... Read more »

Has It Been That Long?

A few weeks ago, I had my grade school reunion.  There were many people there that I had not seen since I was 13 years old.  It was a very weird experience. I am not a big fan of reunions.  I think the people I want to keep in touch with, I already do.  I... Read more »

The Chicago Teachers Union strike was a waste...

No one can deny the importance of educators. A society’s values and expectations are communicated to each generation via its education system. And let me qualify a lil’ more…  I come from a family of dedicated and militant individuals who taught everything from reading to cultural awareness in schools and churches Monday – Sunday. I... Read more »