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Freakish Weather...Still

Freakish Weather...Still
Our first day back at school was on August 23rd. As we were walking, I thought to myself of all the different types of weather we will walk or drive through en route to school. Snow. Fog. Sleet. Ass-high mounds of snow. Ice. Mud. Leaves. Sunshine. Then I thought about how we usually see the... Read more »

WTTW Fun and Run

Me and the boys with Buddy from Dinosaur Train.
Last Sunday, we went to the ‘WTTW Fun and Run’ and had a blast.  It’s a great family event that benefits WTTW Channel 11 TV programming.  The boys saw the commercial for last year’s event and really wanted to go so we did. It was located in Lincoln Park, right by the zoo and you participate in either... Read more »

I'm not saying... I'm just getting old

I’m a Ph.D. student (1st year) and as a part of the deal I am an instructor for undergraduate classes –  it’s the basic work-study setup. I like teaching so I appreciate the opportunity to do so while I learn how to do it better. What I don’t appreciate is what is happening in my... Read more »

The Illinois State Fair: So Meaty!

My Previous Blog Every week our family tunes in to The Soup with Joel McHale. And every week, a millisecond after the Chat Stew graphic appears on TV, you’ll hear my two toddlers in their cute, little innocent voices say, “So meaty!”. Drawing it out, just like it’s said. It is absolutely hysterical and we love it.... Read more »

Cultural courage is the key to love

I’m not one to write about the “success” of my 10 year marriage. I think as soon as you start flaunting what makes your relationship works, you jinx it, especially when you work in an industry like mine. Like everyone else’s marriage,  mine is a constant work in progress. I’ve always said it’s hard work,... Read more »

The Big Reward

My son Dylan is without a doubt one of the smartest kids I’ve ever met. He can tell you the name of dozens of whales and sharks upon one look at their picture. He can go on and on about hurricanes and tornadoes and other weather phenomena. He knows a lot about all sorts of... Read more »

Things Happening for a Reason

I admit it, sometimes I can be a fatalist. I try not to be, as it triggers my latent OCD, but at other times, I want to embrace it. Things DO happen for a reason. Exactly one day before we were leave for a 6+ hour car ride and our two week stint in Michigan, I went to... Read more »

Rated PG

Every Saturday, we have movie night at our house where we take turns picking our movie of choice.  With a five and three-year old, we try to select G-rated movies, but we are starting to run out of options.  We have seen most of the G-rated movies, and the ones we have not are ‘girl movies’... Read more »

Team USA is still in London & the TV thing is still a thing

I didn’t watch the wall-to-wall coverage of the Olympics. I watched some events online, and I dig all of the good stuff the Games exemplify. I’m just not an “appointment TV” person and haven’t been for more than a week since the mid-80s (The Cosby Show, Thursdays 8pm, NBC). BUT that’s going to change next week…... Read more »

Kindergarten can't come too soon

I may be missing that certain motherly hormone, but I ca’t wait until my daughter goes to school full time. I’ve sat through conversations with my girlfriends, both stay at home and working  moms, who were dreading the day their babies would go to school all day. I don’t get it! Yes, I cried when... Read more »