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A free stylist

From time to time, I find something Around Town that I find great for busy moms. If you love to go “hunting” from store to store for the latest fashion trends at the best prices, this is  not for you.  Now, if you struggle every morning with what to wear, your wardrobe needs an update,... Read more »

Weekend Adventure - Part 2

As you might remember from last week’s post, after ignoring the advice of family and friends, Bill and I planned an overnight camping trip to Starved Rock State Park. Things didn’t start very well for us, as once we arrived in Starved Rock, we noticed that Liam’s nose was running and he had caught Dylan’s... Read more »

Michigan Wildlife

Michigan Wildlife
Maybe it’s that a hot day up north was 85 degrees & at night its 75, while Chicago was sweltering with 95+ even at 9pm. Maybe it’s the amazing lakes, the trees, the cherries and the wildlife. Perhaps it’s just the get-away of all get-aways for my family- lazing on beaches, searching for rocks, swimming... Read more »

He’s Sexy and He Knows It

The other day, Cooper (my 6-year old) got out of the car singing the song “Sexy and I Know It” and I was a bit surprised.  I know I have been listening to the radio more and less of their kids CDs, but maybe I need to dial it back a bit. I can only... Read more »

When is happy happy?

Recently, I heard an interview with Dan Gilbert. Dr. Gilbert is a professor of psychology at Harvard University and the author of the book Stumbling on Happiness. The book has been out for several years, but it’s new to me. In it Gilbert discusses the perceived  difference between HAPPINESS and SYNTHETIC HAPPINESS. In short, HAPPINESS... Read more »

Maternity Leave

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I went to talk to HR about maternity leave. I was told that my company didn’t offer maternity leave, that it fell under “short term disability”.  I was appalled, “I’m having a child, not getting major surgery.” I couldn’t believe the implication that giving birth was a disability.... Read more »

Weekend Adventure - Part 1

Everyone said we were crazy to even consider it. Everyone said they wouldn’t do it, that WE shouldn’t do it, but even though we were a bit nervous, we were determined to go through with it. We were going to take the kids camping. The idea of camping popped up as we were trying to... Read more »

Quitting Farmville

Step One: Admit you have a problem. (Remember, I try not to judge you, so don’t judge me, wink) About two years ago, my sister Wendy asked me if I would start playing Farmville, by Zynga, with her. It was a simple game where you could grow crops, rear cute farm animals, and receive or get help on... Read more »

Give Him What He Wants

Getting ready for a hike.
Today’s blog is dedicated to my brother Chris (aka Uncle G), who faithfully reads my blog every week.  As a great uncle would say, Chris told me he always looks forward to my blogs that feature pictures of “Thing One” and “Thing Two”.  So Uncle G, this ‘blogs’ for you.  Here is a collection of... Read more »

The Dailey Method: Part 2

The Dailey Method: Part 2
My Previous Blog Last week I told you about my fearful, anxiety-ridden, surprisingly empowering introduction to The Dailey Method.  As I left off, I was definitely going to try another class. I walked out of the session with wobbly legs, which forced me to hold tighter to the railing as I descended the stairs to... Read more »