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Touring WGN Studios

Doughnuts in hand, we excitedly arrive at WGN Studios during their morning newscast
If you missed last week and need a recap of all the insanity that lead to this moment, click here (it also included the hilarious videos, in which Paul Konrad rocked!) Last Friday, we hired two teenagers to do a group sit for the kids at 7AM, loaded into a van, and drove into the... Read more »

Frenemies – Part Two

Hanging out with their cheetah pal at Brookfield Zoo.
I felt bad after reading last week’s blog as it seemed somewhat negative.  Since the boys have been constantly together this summer, they have also become much closer…the best of friends.  Here are a few photos of the good times the boys have had together.

Potty training part deux

This one is ESPECIALLY for BoyMoms. ESPECIALLY for BoyMoms of toddler testosterones. Just in case no one has told you: for all of your hard work toward getting your young one to “go potty” in a sanctioned receptacle… uh… you’re going to have to do it again. Yes, you’re going to have to potty train... Read more »

Ballerina Girl

Ballerina Girl
My Previous Blog Ballerina Girl You are so lovely With you standing there I’m so aware Of how much I care for you You are more than now You are for always I can see in you My dreams come true Don’t you ever go away You make me feel like There’s nothing I can’t... Read more »

HELP! A mask, STAT

Sore throat started yesterday, chills today. Can you believe this plague hasn’t left our home? I better not have this virus. I don’t have time for it, no way. Too much work plus the Royal Visit. No, the Dutch and Duchess of Cambridge are not coming to Chicago this week. It’s my parents, the King... Read more »

The Stay-at-home Summer

This is probably the first summer of my married life that we don’t travel anywhere at all. I don’t mean little road trips here and there, but airplane travel to a far-off destination, usuallyPuerto Rico, usually to see my family. Even the rare summers where we ended up going to a different destination likeBrazilor theDominican... Read more »

A Fantasy Date With A Weatherman

As many of you know, Ay, Mama’s very own Ana Belaval is also one of WGN’s very own. It’s unclear how much her connection may have added to our prankster-isms, but I have a feeling her nod of approval may have aided us tremendously… In fact, if all goes well, we will be enjoying a... Read more »


Cooper and Cole have become the ultimate frenemies.  They are the best of friends one minute and tackling each other the next.  I think they are bored at home and are just sick of each other. Since we moved, I took the boys out of Goddard for the summer.  The school was too far away... Read more »

Just Own It

OK – Why do we the people feel embarrassed when we stink up a bathroom that’s not our own? Why do we the people try to become invisible instead of just claiming stinky or loud farts? Annnnnd… Why do we the people dummy up and fail to give a person a heads up when we... Read more »

It's not a virus, it's a plague

Yes, I’m late with this post. I’m usually an early morning blogger ,but I’ve been in full time working mom and wife mode all weekend. Remember that horrible virus my daughter had 2 weeks ago. Well, now my husband has been in bed with the same thing since last Thursday.  It was a pretty crappy... Read more »