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My Sit-Down with Mover Smitty

The Imagination Movers are coming back to Chicago (Waukegan to be exact) on Saturday, October 20th for their 2012 Rock-O-Matic Tour.  My family has experienced both of their Chicago shows (in 2009 and 2011) and they were amazing.           As many of you know from my past articles, “I Like My Kids’ TV Show” and “Moved... Read more »

And He's Off!

My little Liam is learning how to walk, and I am a nervous wreck! I don’t know if it’s because he was so small and frail when he came home (remember, he was my first newborn), or maybe it’s because I know he is our last baby and I’m not quite ready for this milestone,... Read more »

A Song of Ice and Snow, et al

“Winter is coming.” If you know what I am talking about, you are probably addicted too.  I have yet to find a human who has started the journey that begins with “The Game of Thrones” that is immune to its appeal. My sister, Wendy, would hate these books and the TV series (season two is currently on HBO and season... Read more »

Preventing Summer Learning Losses

Today, my friend Sheryl Nelson, owner of The Goddard School, located in Elgin, will share with us some amazing insight on the benefits ofpreventing summer learning loss.   Sheryl has a Master’s degree in Psychology and Education with a focus onEarly Childhood.  Prior to Goddard, she gained some valuable experience working at the American Academy of... Read more »

A Prized Ponytail

A Prized Ponytail
Atia Lutarewych, 4 years old My previous blog So here we are the Tuesday after The Ladybug Bash, and my goodness, that was one spectacular night! We had Stars. We had Cars. We had Glitz. We had Glamour. And best of all, we had a venue full of Chicagoans showing Dina Manzo what a huge... Read more »

Did I just hear a lullaby?

Oh, no I didn’t. It’s just the sound of me staring at the computer screen. Either that or it’s the sound me trying to read teeny tiny letters that make up ridiculously long words. Words that I’m pretty sure aren’t English or intended to be read by anyone who likes to drink beer or watch... Read more »

NATO summit & the city kid

Amelia made her stage debut "helping" me with the reading of "A Very Quiet Cricket" during a book drive benefiting Open Books. After that, we watched "A Bear, A Moon and A Caterpillar". Great show for toddlers who love Eric Carle books. At Victory Gardens Biograph through May 27th.
“After tomorrow the NATO ends and we can all go back to our places. We can all be happy.” Amelia, 4 yrs old This is what  my daughter told me at bed time last night after three days of seeing her life inconvenienced by the NATO summit taking place in Chicago.  We live in the neighborhood... Read more »

I'm Mom Enough

Did you see the cover of “Time” magazine last week, with the picture of a toddler standing on a stool to breast feed? I give them credit, it was a good marketing ploy as every news outlet was discussing the cover, and now even me. This mother, her son, and the doctors leading this parenting style also made the talk show circuit,... Read more »

Algonquin Commons – Touch a Truck Event

If you are looking for something fun and FREE to do this weekend, check out the Algonquin Commons Touch-A-Truck event.  It will take place this Sunday, May 20 from 11am to 3pm at the Algonquin Commons shopping center. Here are some of the details from the website: The 3rd Annual Touch-A-Truck & MABAS Division 2... Read more »

Yeah... boys live here

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What’s it like in a house full of boys (there are only 2 – but it seems like there are many more)? The video tells a small part of the story…  but then there are the conversations. ###### Noah (10): “I just realize I went to the store with no shoes on. They didn’t even notice.”... Read more »