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The Things You Do...

As some of you may know, our computer kinda got fried in the great flood of 2012. It works, but the keyboard really sucks. You type a word, it clocks, then slowly types it out on the screen, oh but not all of the words get typed. Nay! It may omit the last two words... Read more »

It Was Not Sooo Bad

I just got back from a four day business trip, which I was dreading, but it was not so bad.  Four days away from my boys is the longest I have ever been apart from them.  I think the longest was a day…seriously. So this was a hard trip for me and for them.  As... Read more »

When to ?

We push the boys to ask for help when they need help. We’ve explained that teachers actually want to questions from their students. We’ve even trained ourselves to not jump in and “fix” their problems before they ask us for assistance – and even then we TRY to ask them questions in an effort to help them... Read more »

Friends Help Friends. And Mommy, You’re the BEST Friend

Friends Help Friends. And Mommy, You’re the BEST Friend
My Previous Blog As a result of Atia’s high fever and low blood counts, we wound up in the hospital for four days. Her fever finally broke around midnight, the second day, and her blood counts increased – slow and steady. In addition to the possible viral infection, Atia’s ankle pain was cause for concern.... Read more »

Mom inventions

I had to go to an event a few weeks ago, so my husband was in charge of taking our daughter to swim class all by himself. Amelia has been taking  swimming lessons  for almost a year now and, most of the time, both of us go with her.  Hence my surprise when I told my... Read more »

Happy Birthday, Hubby!

Apologies for no ‘real’ post today, dear readers, but I’m off to celebrate the life of the most amazing, kind, devoted, handsome, sexy, hard-working, unselfish, loving husband in the world!  Bill – you bring joy to my life every day. I didn’t think it was ever possible to love someone more than I loved you... Read more »

Memories of Her Dad

My husband’s cousin Denise Lassen (who has been a wonderful supporter of Ay, Mama!) recently lost her father, Robert Walsh. She read the following at his funeral, and I feel blessed to share this with you. It is a lovely tribute to his life. When I was first dating my husband Craig, his grandfather passed away at the... Read more »

A Drama Queen Is Born

I have never considered myself a girlie girl, let alone heaven forbid a “drama queen”, but I think I am becoming one.  I believe it is environmentally-induced as my life is in a bit of an upheaval.  Everywhere I turn I have stress.  No wonder I seem to have a panic attack every night.  See…Drama... Read more »

Dimming the light in their eyes, for their own good

No one cares about your child the way you do. Some people don’t care about your child. There might even be someone who will kill your child. Someone who chose to see your child as an enemy, warranted or not. Trayvon Martin, the 17-year-old young man is dead because on February 26, 2012,  George Zimmerman... Read more »

New IL Legislation | HB 4211 | The Childhood Cancer Research Fund

New IL Legislation | HB 4211 | The Childhood Cancer Research Fund
My Previous Entry I actively fought for my life for over 365 days straight. While much of it happened while I was asleep, because of the pain medication, or soaking in the bathtub, because of my aching joints and muscles, I was faced with my mortality every moment of every hour of every day. I... Read more »