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There are other fish... just don't go fishing

My 7th grader and his cougar “girlfriend” (she’s in 8th grade) have broken up. I’m excited about that. The town crier (my 4th grader) delivered the news. Again, I couldn’t have been more ecstatic. On the day that it happened I knew something was different with my oldest – I just didn’t know what it... Read more »

Encore: Through Her Hair I Saw Survival

Encore: Through Her Hair I Saw Survival
My Previous Blog So here it is Tuesday afternoon and I’m just now getting around to writing my blog that should have been posted this morning at 6am. It’s been one of those weeks and weekends… With that said, I figured this was the perfect opportunity to feature one of my past blogs, originally posted... Read more »

It's just one Nugget and a few fries

Does this picture look familiar? That was my lunch yesterday. I finished my daughter’s buttered noodles from the afternoon before and chased it with a few fries from her Sunday lunch. Take a moment to get over the fact that I fed my kid crap two days in a row. (Sometimes it’s like her Dad... Read more »

Toys, toys, toys

I’m about to throw the Transformers out the window. All day long, all I hear from Dylan is, “Mami, can you turn Optimus Prime into a truck?” “Mami, can you turn Optimus Prime back into a robot?” “Mami, how do I turn Bumblebee into a car?” “Mami, can you help me?” Aaaaaargh!! It is driving... Read more »

And the Oscar Goes To...

The Oscars. Love ’em or hate ’em, in my opinion, it all comes down to this: big movie stars are a bunch of assholes. Seriously, they get paid exceedingly well to do a really cool thing as their career,  and they get fame, adoration and free swag. Oh, but then, if they did a really, really good... Read more »

It’s Sold…Now What?

So we just sold our house, which should be exciting news, but it’s not.  I never really wanted to sell my house, but knew I had too.  There are more positive reasons to moving vs. staying here so I caved and we put the house on the market.  Well it sold, but now what?  We... Read more »


I told the pre-teen to wrap the treats so they wouldn’t get stale. (sigh) I’m going to say he did his best

My Child Has Cancer And Now There's A Drug Shortage?!?

My Child Has Cancer And Now There's A Drug Shortage?!?
My Previous Blog Spinal taps, also known as lumbar punctures (LB), are never fun for childhood cancer patient or their parents. In fact, they’re actually serious business that caused Steve and me a great deal of anxiety. The whole process is very clinical and intense. Atia had her first spinal tap when she was 18 months... Read more »

I never thought of that?

I just met a woman who reads Ay Mama! every once in a while. She asked if I ever switched my daughter from her first day care. By now Amelia is in her third school so I realized, she was indeed a seldom reader. What I loved is that she told me: “I don’t have... Read more »

Our First Baby

I never had a dog growing up. Owning one was my biggest dream, the number one thing on my Christmas list every single year of my childhood. I even had an imaginary dog, Sandy (just like the dog in the movie Annie), whom I called to me while crossing the street and pretended to pet... Read more »