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A December to Remember

A December to Remember
My Previous Blog December 2010 Since Atia’s cancer diagnosis in April 2009, life had been somewhat slow. Though we were always getting blindsided by one tricky side-effect or another, the truth is our entire lives were focused solely on her treatment, comfort and care. Most of the time, even Asher had to get in line... Read more »

Sleep obsessed

It’s a recurring theme with some of us Ay Mama! bloggers. “When is the baby going to sleep through the night?” “Should I let him or her cry it out?” In my case, I’m still having the same issues and I don’t have a baby anymore. In fact, I can barely write this blog right... Read more »

Stranger Danger

The other day, while I was out to lunch with the boys, a kind elderly man approached and complimented me on my handsome, good children. When he went to pat Dylan on the head, Dylan screamed “No! You’re a STRANGER!” Guess all those talks we’ve been having are sinking in. Stranger danger has been one... Read more »

Kids DO Say the Darndest Things

I love to see how kids percieve the world. Words can be so literal. Idioms and turns of phrase are totally lost on them and can lead to hilarious questions. At times,  their simplest comment can show you the world in an entirely new way. From my own family: My Dad kept a mental list of what he... Read more »

Snowboarding or Skiing

I want the boys to try a winter sport.  We will try ice skating in a few weeks, but I also want to have them try skiing…or should it be snowboarding?  I am not sure.  I learned to ski on Wilmont ‘Mountain’ in WI.  There you ski more on ice that on real snow.  I... Read more »

A Gymnastics Party

A Gymnastics Party
My Previous Blog November 2010 Still flying high from my “Cured” diagnosis, our family was in good spirits. November always held the promise of crisp weather, turning leaves, dedicated family time and overindulging in delicious food – Thanksgiving, of course – all tops in my book! But when the roller coaster goes up, it must... Read more »

Accentuate the positive

I spent my Saturday afternoon with my four year old at Sweet and Sassy, one of those “spas” for little girls.  Her face lit up when she saw the place. She loved her manicure and pedicure, the sparkles in her hair. But from the moment she went in, she was fascinated by the catwalk and... Read more »

Update on Sleep

As you might remember, a couple of months ago I blogged about L being a terrible sleeper and how he still woke up every three hours at night. Quite a few people commented on my post, and all essentially said the same thing: we had to let him scream it out. It would just take... Read more »

January Hymn

Oh, January. We’re here- at least those living in colder climes- braving through what I feel is the worst time of the year. The holidays are over, and in fact, there aren’t many days off for a long, long time. It’s cold. It’s dark. Sigh… Calgon… Damnit, I’m not gonna stew in it. Bite it, SAD. The days are getting longer-we have... Read more »

Natural Talent

Growing up, my parents let me try everything.  I played basketball, soccer, hockey, volleyball, track, gymnastics, ice skating, ballet, tap dance, guitar, etc. It’s great that I had so many opportunities to try stuff and I am grateful for that, but I wish that my parents would have made me stick with something.  Not that... Read more »