I Want, I Want, I Want!

Ken and I are a bit concerned this Holiday Season as this is all we hear from our five-year old Cooper.  This year, Cooper totally gets it and realizes that with Christmas comes presents.  He is counting down the days until Christmas on his calendar and keeps telling Cole that Christmas is XX days away.

We want him to be excited about the holidays and it is natural for kids to be excited about presents. Heck, I remember being a kid and the anticipation of getting the things from my wish list.  I don’t want to take that away from him, but I want there to be excitement to give as well.

Both Ken and I have had conversations with him regarding what is important to us about Christmas:  giving to those who need help, being with family & friends and being grateful for the good fortune we have.  We obviously did talk about Santa, wrote out a ‘wish list’ and want both boys to have a magical Christmas, but we don’t like hearing the ‘I Want’ and the ’XX number of days until PRESENTS’.  

Are we expecting too much?  Granted, he is only five, but I think it’s time we start right?  I want to protect Cooper and Cole from everything, but I also want them to be caring boys and understand how lucky they are.  Do they need to know that some children do not receive presents on Christmas morning?  That some kids do not have homes, clothing or food to eat? Is it too much for a five-year old to understand and deal with?

Every year, we adopt a family through Ken’s work and the needs on the list include everything from household items like sheets and towels, to clothing and food for a Christmas dinner.  We talked to Cooper about this family and what they need. He listened, but then quickly changed the subject.  

Another thing we plan to do is have the boys donate one of their new Christmas gifts, as well as go through their current inventory of toys and donate some of those too.

Any other suggestions you may have to help the boys understand the importance of giving, I would appreciate you sending my way.

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    You're not asking too much. Its perfectly normal to want your children to learn to share with those who are less fortunate. It will help them appreciate what they have. I think its good you want them to start young. My daughter is only 5 weeks old, but I plan to teach her the same things when she's able to understand.

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