Halloween Shmalloween! Who Cares?

Halloween Shmalloween! Who Cares?

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After Asher’s 1st birthday, the remainder of October (2010) was filled with visits to pumpkin patches and preparing for Halloween.

As a child, I hated Halloween. I never got into it. As a young woman before kids, I hated it even more. To me, the thought of adults dressing up was ridiculous. When I took a moment to analyze why I disliked Halloween so much, I realized that it all points to my mom’s distaste of the holiday. It’s funny how influential parents can be.

I’m not sure if she detested the concept of dressing up or the costs associated with the holiday. As a single mother struggling to make ends meet, she often complained about having to buy candy to hand out to strangers. She didn’t have the money for that, let alone for cool costumes for her two girls.

My sister Julie and I often ended up in oversized clothes weighed down by loads and loads of jewelry. Wanna take a guess what we were, year after year? Yep, we were gypsies. I don’t think I even knew what a gypsie was until I was much older, but I do remember my mom dancing around singing Cher’s “Gypsie’s, Tramps and Theives.”

I truly believe that view of Halloween was molded by my mom. Even when invited, I never went to Halloween parties, and I can’t remember the last time I dressed up. It wasn’t my thing.

And then I had kids, and magically it became fun!

Things started slowly because Atia was only a month old for her 1st Halloween, so she wasn’t much of anything, but by her 2nd Halloween things had changed. We were psyched! I’d picked up the cutest duck costume at The Children’s Place for $5 in the after Halloween sale the year before. It was a steal that turned into a super duper extreme savings because a few years later Asher wore it too – Hooray for non-gender specific costumes!

In 2009, Atia got sick and trick-or-treating wasn’t in the cards for us. Being exposed to tons of different people became a health hazard because of her compromised immune system, so instead we had her dress up with her cousins and run around the house. It wasn’t a traditional way to celebrate Halloween, and it wasn’t even on the actual day, but she didn’t know the difference and had just as much fun.

The next year (2010), Atia was still undergoing cancer treatment, but was a bit stronger and insisted on dressing up as Foofa from “Yo Gabba Gabba” – the she loved (as you learned last week). And, that was the year we recycled the adorable duck costume on Asher. We joined some family friends and trick-or-treated in LaGrange’s downtown area. It was a nicely organized, controlled event. It only lasted a few hours, and that was perfect because that’s all the energy Atia could spare.

This year (2011), Atia wanted to be Foofa again (Yes! Score! Again, two years of use out of one costume), so we decided to cave and buy Asher a Plex outfit (another character from “Yo Gabba Gabba”). He, too, loves the show and was thrilled to sport the yellow robot costume. We went all out this year – school Halloween party, neighborhood trick-or-treating, gymnastics Halloween party, dance school Halloween party – we definitely got our money’s worth out of them!

Steve and I still don’t dress up, but at least now, I can appreciate the spirit of Halloween. I get excited to pick out their costumes, go trick-or-treating and spend time as a family acting silly and ridiculous… and I’ve got my kids to thank for that.

Wow! After writing this all out, my new analysis is that I’m easily influence – like really, really easily influenced!

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