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The sound of silence

“You will enjoy the silence” said my husband as he reflected on the 5 days he enjoyed some alone time when Amelia and I went to visit my family  in Puerto Rico.  The poor man is blessed/cursed with 2 talkative women, so I understood why he enjoyed his quiet time. I wasn’t so sure I... Read more »

Sleep, baby, sleep...

I have to say, we are pretty lucky. “L” is a really easy baby. He always has a smile on his face, is pretty calm and easygoing, and is a good, eager eater. He is very sociable and goes to just about anyone who wants to hold him. Yes, I have to say, he is... Read more »

Happy New Year! ?

Happy New Year!  ?
Since our favorite curmudgeon Andy Rooney retired, we could use a good rant. It’s been awhile, and I typically hand off rants to my husband, Scott, but he’s been too swamped with work. I know he’d probably do this rant better than I, but well, the emotions are just as valid. WTF is up with having Christmas decorations and presents in the... Read more »

Goddard School 2011 Top 10 Holiday Toys

Today, my friend Sheryl Nelson, owner of The Goddard School, located in Elgin, will share with us some amazing insight on the 2011 Top 10 Holiday Toys chosen by the Goddard Staff and their clients…the CHILDREN.  Sheryl has a Master’s degree in Psychology and Education with a focus on Early Childhood.  Prior to Goddard, she... Read more »

Sweet Memories

Sweet Memories
  This is what I had for breakfast. And if I have to offer a reason why I’m eating a banana split complete with fresh strawberries, pineapple, almonds, pecans, natural peanut butter, peanut butter oreos, maple and chocolate syrups and whipped cream for breakfast – well, then you never had an ice cream Obi-Wan. I... Read more »

It’s My Party and I’ll Cry If I Want To

My Previous Blog “You would cry too if it happened to you” – Leslie Gore A week after the kids attended their new Spanish classes, Asher came down with a cold and it was a biggie. He was plagued with all the typical symptoms: congestion, stuffy/runny nose, coughing, exhaustion… You name it, he had it.... Read more »