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Who Needs a Sitter?

I was at ‘church’- seeing a band at the historic, grungy club, Metro, a few weeks ago. One of the people I was with, a fellow music worshipper and parent was pondering how to manage a babysitter on a school night for yet another concert in December. The he asked, “Hhmm, I wonder if our parents ever... Read more »

Happy Birthday Cole!

Baby Cole
Today is my son Cole’s third birthday.  He is an amazing little guy, who is full of life.  Cole has always done things his own way and nowadays his favorite phrase is, “I can do it myself”.  He does not want help from Ken or me; however he will accept help from his big brother... Read more »

Fly On The Wall

  Sometimes it’s OK to not have all of the answers.  It’s even nicer when no one’s even asking you questions. That’s when you get to hang out and just listen:   10year old: “You ate all the food again?!” 12 ½ year old: “I didn’t think you wanted it” 10 year old: “Dude, you... Read more »

Port Problems

Port Problems
My Previous Blog After her brief hospital stay, Atia was released. Her blood counts were still below the minimum threshold for treatment, so the plan was to refrain from taking chemo for a week. It wasn’t the first time this had happened, but it didn’t stop the knot from forming in the pit of my... Read more »

Tattooed grandma

I don’t have any tattoos. I can appreciate their beauty, but the paiful process and the permanent result are just not for me. Plus I have to admit that I grew up in a household where people with tattoos were considered rebels.  If a friend of mine got a tattoo  my parents would often say... Read more »

The Mami Wars

Dylan and I have been locked in a battle of the wills lately. Neither side is backing down, but I am determined I am going to win this one.  There is NO WAY that I am going through life with my kids calling me “Mom.”  Don’t get me wrong, Mom is a beautiful word. It... Read more »

Friend Me!- The Dangers of Teens and Digital Media

For personal reasons, the author today would like to remain unknown, but we both felt that this message needs to be out there. I am thankful to have a forum for this parent to share their travails with kids and digital media. Should parents ‘spy’ on their childs’ pages? This parent has witnessed cyber-bullying and amazingly... Read more »

Help! I Can’t Get Enough Of It!

I don’t know what my problem is, but I can’t stop eating the Halloween candy!  We don’t normally have candy in the house so maybe that’s it, but this year it seems worse for me.  I do like candy but I would rather eat ice cream or brownies over candy bars.   I seem to have... Read more »

Sticky Icky Icky

Sticky Icky Icky
Something’s not right with my children (of course there is)… I think they’re oozing. And they’re doing it all over the kitchen floor. I’ve witnessed a flare-up in the last 2 weeks and I really don’t know how it started. Well, yes I do know how it started, they’re nasty, gummy boys – that’s how... Read more »

A Day in the Life of a Hospital Birthday Celebration

My Previous Post Atia awoke on her 3rd birthday with a horrific bloody nose. She was in the hospital and there was blood all over the sheets. It looked like a crime scene. Atia was justifiably upset, and I have to admit it scared me too. Since her counts were a bit low, the bleeding... Read more »