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Laundry, A Tear-Jerker Surprise

The Testosterones are in charge of folding their own clean clothes. It has proven to be too much work for me to figure out who wears what so I just let it go. Of course the younger Testosterones rarely truly fold their gear, they do a more of a ‘ball and shove’ move to get... Read more »

Ladybug Love for the Holidays | A Toy Drive

Ladybug Love for the Holidays | A Toy Drive
My Previous Blog “I’ll be home for Christmas. You can count on me…” One year while Atia was undergoing cancer treatment, we were faced with the grim reality that she may be spending Christmas in the hospital. I’d already spent a Mother’s Day there and it was beyond depressing; I couldn’t imagine being there for... Read more »

Complications of an Interfaith Marriage

It took 10 years but our religious differences have finally put a dent in our marriage. At least that is what my husband thought last Saturday when I ripped his head off because he came home with the “wrong” hooks for the Christmas balls. “You don’t send the Jewish guy to buy hooks for the... Read more »

The Pot-Luck Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a safe, happy and delicious Thanksgiving! Now that the last of the leftovers have been either polished off or thrown out and we have been bombarded by everything Christmas (is it just me or is the season a little…aggressive this year?), I can take a moment to look back and reflect... Read more »

Deep Ancestry

I have asked my Mother, Nancy Murphy, to write for me today. She recently took a class that has changed my world perception- for the better. Enjoy her blog today! At holiday time, our thoughts turn to our families.  We want to be close to the people who look like us, sing our songs, eat... Read more »

Happy Thanksgiving…Oh and Good Luck On Black Friday!

Today is Thanksgiving and I hope you are enjoying yourself.  Every year we host Thanksgiving.  I know, the vegetarians hosting Thanksgiving, but we do…our moms each bring a turkey.  Thanksgiving is a great holiday for me.  It’s all about hanging out with family and friends and eating great food.  There are no gifts, no pressure,... Read more »

I've lost it

I’ve just done something most women think they can do – but can’t. I cut my hair. Off. OK. In a way, it’s not as drastic as it sounds – I’ve worn my hair short for more than a decade. Micro-short. I mean, able-to-go-to-a-barber short. It was easy (Boy Mom here, not much time to... Read more »

I Was Atia's Bubble

My Previous Blog It may have been the 2nd week of mandatory chemo suspension for Atia, due to her low blood counts, but it was also the first week of school. It never ceased to amaze me how life went on, even when our immediate reality was moving in slow motion, as if we were... Read more »

Wet hair can cause a cold

In the Belaval household, if you wash your hair at night and go to bed without blowdrying it, you are setting yourself up to catch a cold.  I’m not sure this is only a Latino folk tale or if other cultures hold wet hair as the culprit of many upper respiratory infections, but for my... Read more »

National Adoption Awareness Month

November is National Adoption Awareness Month. As you already know, adoption is very near and dear to my heart, as it is through adoption that Bill and I chose to create our family. Before I decided to become an adoptive parent, my knowledge about adoption came from what I heard on the mainstream media. I... Read more »