I've lost it

I’ve just done something most women think they can do – but can’t.

I cut my hair.


OK. In a way, it’s not as drastic as it sounds – I’ve worn my hair short for more than a decade. Micro-short. I mean, able-to-go-to-a-barber short. It was easy (Boy Mom here, not much time to spend in the mirror or at the salon), the style looked good on me (if I’m to believe the compliments), and it was inexpensive (need I say more?). I had the perfect ‘do. Which of course meant I had to change it.

So I started to let my hair grow. I didn’t have any trouble during the first six weeks after my last barber visit. My hair was manageable, I felt good about my quest, this will be a nice change for me.

Three months in: “Hmmm, it is taking me a bit longer to style my hair in the morning…Hmm…”

Three months and 1 week in: “Yes, it is definitely taking me longer to get out of the house each morning. I need to start getting up earlier.”

Three months and 2 weeks in: “Oh, I know what it is, silly me – I need the right tools: a blow dryer, curling iron, doo-dads, and stuff like that” ($60 later)

Three months and 3 weeks in: “I don’t like getting up earlier.”

Four month marker: “Hang on, this is just the in between phase.”

Four months and 1 week: “It seems like I should able to wear a baseball cap to work. Maybe I should find a new job, something more creative.”

Four months and 2 weeks in: “AAAACK!!!!! I CANNOT TAKE IT !! OK, OK, I need to find a beautician (Do they still call them that?) IMMEDIATELY”


Now this is where it all goes wrong. It’s 9pm on a Saturday night. I don’t have a beautician (Seriously, are they called that any more?). I figure I will have to wait until Tuesday to even try for an appointment.

No problem, I got this.  “I’ll just take a little off of the top and the sides”– I would never take any off the back, I can’t see back there so that’s just silly.

“Wait, I don’t have any barber scissors – not a problem, these household scissors will do.” Here we go.

“Yup, that looks good. Yeah this is gonna look good” Uh. OK. Shoot!  “No worries, I’ll just take a little off of this other side to even it up.”

“Oh, $@%Q^!! @%*!!! (shoot)”


I was once told a woman will change her hair instead losing the weight she’s gained.


I don’t have time to comment on that, I have to go to the salon…

and then the gym.

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  • Ha, ha. I did this once, way back in college. HUGE disaster - and one of my professors made sure she let me know :) But what can I say? I was a poor starving student with no money.

    And now I am still poor, because the kid is eating us out of house and home....but I am in that AAACK!!! stage you are talking about. Thanks for reminding me to forget the do-it-yourself and cough up the bucks for a salon appt. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

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