Happy Birthday Cole!

Today is my son Cole’s third birthday.  He is an amazing little guy, who is full of life.  Cole has always done things his own way and nowadays his favorite phrase is, “I can do it myself”.  He does not want help from Ken or me; however he will accept help from his big brother Cooper on occasion. 

I love this kid’s spirit and zest for life and can appreciate his independence, but he is my baby that is no longer a baby anymore.  Friends and family told us that once we had kids, life would go by faster and oh how right they are. 

In a blink of an eye, my baby is now three years old going on five so he can keep up with his older brother.   Cole is doing many things at a faster timeframe than Cooper because he is trying to keep up.  Everything from what he watches, to what he plays with and his willingness to try new things is at a faster pace.  And that is fine and all, but Mommy is having a hard time with her baby growing up.

So Happy Birthday Cole!  I love everything about you as you make me belly laugh every day.

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