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Sometimes it’s OK to not have all of the answers.  It’s even nicer when no one’s even asking you questions. That’s when you get to hang out and just listen:


  • 10year old: “You ate all the food again?!”
  • 12 ½ year old: “I didn’t think you wanted it”
  • 10 year old: “Dude, you need to go on a fast. You have to start fasting so everyone else can eat”


  • 10 year old: “I have hair growing out of my butt”
  • 12 ½ year old: “That’s not true, no one can have hair growing out of their butt”
  • 10 year old: “I do. Wanna see?”
  • 12 ½ year old: “NO!”
  • 10 year old:   O.K.


  • 12 ½ year old: “I am pretty sure I have the answer to all of the world’s problems.”
  • 10 year old: “Hush”
  • 12 ½ year old: “I’m serious—“
  • 10 year old: “Ssshhh”


  • 12 year old: “Mom, I think I’m taller than you”
  • Me: “No, not yet” (I think he is, but I’m not ready for him to know that)


  • 12 year old: “You’re just so small, there’s no way you can know what I know”
  • 10 ½ year old: “I can hear you but you’re not making any sense. You must be sick. You should probably put your head down”


  • Me: “Why don’t you wear your converse, anymore?”
  • 10 year old: “They make me feel Katy Perry-ish”


  • Me: “How have you been feeling? You haven’t eaten much these last few days”
  • 12 ½ year old: “I’m dedicated to eating only what I need for sustenance”


  • Dad: “Tell me the real reason have been sleeping on the floor and not in your bed”
  • 10 year old: “I really just don’t know – but, Dad, I’m sure when you were young there was a time when you didn’t like to sleep in your bed.”


  • Me: “Why are you drinking your apple juice out of the champagne flute”
  • 10 year old: “I like being fancy”


Hmmm.. There isn’t too much more to say after that…

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  • Your sons are adorable! Who needs outside entertainment when you've got these boys?!!

  • In reply to jiyer:

    Thank you. But unlike TV I can't turn them off (Grin)

    We're going to be trading more stories soon enough (I still laugh about your son calling you a fox...I have repeated your story to others: CLASSIC!)
    *The thing I have to remember to do is WRITE IT DOWN - all of it. It'd probably be easier for me to set up a camera, hmmm....

  • In reply to Allison Hunter:

    Well, in your case, this blog is helping you pay attention and write things down, which is going to be an entertaining walk down memory lane for years to come.

    Lenny says so many funny things (and, in my opinion, things only a boy can say!). My mother-in-law is always saying to me, "Why are you just telling me these things? Write them down!" And I don't, it's terrible.

    Like the other day he said, "Mommy, I just did four poo-poos: a Daddy one, a Mommy one, a Lenny one and a Casey one" (Casey is his tiny, 2 year old girlfriend). And today's report was: "Mommy, this one was an Uncle Tony!!" (Uncle Tony, our friend, is a very large friend).

  • In reply to jiyer:

    P.S. Oops, I meant "...very large MAN"

  • In reply to jiyer:

    ok THAT is HILARIOUS!!! Yes, I'm with your mom-in-law ... you have to write it down... who knows it could get you make some $ on it or something (*not that a loving mother would EVER make money off of the children who ran through the budget needing diapers, milk, shoes, clothes, food, etc.)

  • In reply to Allison Hunter:

    My husband's favorite saying, when someone asks him how Lenny is doing: "Thriving at our expense"

    Or when friends of ours say they hope to have a cute kid like ours some day, my husband says: "You want one? Take mine!"

    Gotta love the little munchkins, even though they sometimes stretch us to the limits :)

  • In reply to jiyer:

    ¡Love it!

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