The Perfect PINKALICIOUS Tea Party

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Four years ago today, I gave birth to a child that changed my very existence. She stole my heart, gave me purpose, turned my world upside down, and made my life absolutely delicious. She’s taken me on the ride of my life with the most glorious highs and the most terrifying lows… all in only 1,460 days!

Today is Atia’s 4th birthday!

It’s an extra special super duper spectacular day because it’s the very 1st birthday she’s well enough to celebrate – truly celebrate – since she turned 1.

Thankfully, she doesn’t remember her 2nd birthday – that dreadful, horrible, good for nothing day when we were on lock down, house arrest, in complete isolation because her little, tired, sick body wasn’t strong enough to withstand any visits.

And, she barely remembers last year when, almost immediately following a fun bounce party at Pump It Up, she fell ill due to being exposed to a kids’ play place. Within hours the birthday girl was admitted to the hospital, and spent September 20th weak, sick, pumped full of drugs and bedridden – Heck of a 3rd birthday.

I was enraged and desperate. I sat beside her bed with a broken heart singing Happy Birthday choking back the tears, with a forced smile for her benefit. While hugging her, the silent tears fell, and with fire in my belly, I prayed that this would be the last birthday she spent in the hospital.

Birthdays and hospitals don’t mix!

So this year, with Atia in remission and no more chemo, we made up for the disastrous birthdays of days gone by.

We were having a Pinkalicious Tea Party!

We invited lots of her young friends. Everyone received a dress up outfit. The girls’ included white gloves, boas, pearls, hats and skirts. The boys got white gloves, top hats and vests. How fabulous!

The party started with hat decorating which went over incredibly well. Atia’s 2 to 8 year old guests had a blast and were extraordinarily creative. A fashion show wrapped up that craft project. The kids loved showing off their designs and their parents appreciated the photo opportunity.

As a transition, we played a quick game of musical chairs.

That led us into the tea party portion. Luckily, my mom and my friend Carrie loaned me real, vintage china teacups. With a controlled plan, we filled the kids’ cups with pink lemonade. After a quick toast, the kids gulped down the juice and we whisked the cups out of their hands. In exchange, the kids received pink milk in small jugs – so cute!

Everyone was then invited to dig into all the yummy pink food, including pink deviled eggs, pink cauliflower, pink popcorn balls, pink filo dough filled pastries and fancy star PB&J sandwiches.

After lunch, we moved onto the highlight of the party – cupcake decorating! Parents and kids alike enjoyed the colorful homemade cupcakes, frosting and sprinkles. Along the way we sang Happy Birthday to Atia.

We ended the party with a pull-string purple purse pinata. Do pull-string pinatas ever work?!? The kids had fun but in the end I resorted to tearing the bottom apart and shaking out the candy.

Overall, it was everything I could have hoped for. The party made Atia really happy and that was our reward. A special thanks to Auntie Sonia who jumped on board the party planning train to make sure everything was just perfect!

Atia has been through so much. She’s fought for her life; she’s overcome immense pain, and she deserved every smile, giggle and joyful squeal uttered that day!

Happy birthday, my darling daughter. You sparkle and shine. I wish you love, laughter, health, strength and fun. Here’s to many, many birthdays to come. I love you!

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  • Happy Birthday Atia, you are such an inspiration and your birthday party was just lovely. Thanks for the great Pinkalicious party ideas! God bless and cheers for many bdays to come.

  • Thanks for the wonderful birthday tea party, Atia! We had a great time celebrating with you. You are an inspiration. See you soon!

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    What a miracle you are sweet Atia! I know you have a wonderful birthday, I can tell by your smile.. Hugs and Love from Texas!

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