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Fall TV Quagmire

I’ve done it yet again this year. I need an intervention. I DVR nearly every new fall show. I love TV, and am thrilled the muckety-mucks in Hollywood finally realized that we don’t want line-ups with only ‘reality’ tv, and have recommitted to the scripted shows again. Huzzah! However, the thought of missing one of these new, scripted work... Read more »

The End of an Era

Today is the end of an era for me.  It is my last day at a company I have worked at for 15 years.  I love this company and am very sad to be leaving, but things change and I need to accept it.  I experienced so much professionally and personally while at this company. ... Read more »

HMCEO (Home Management Chief Executive Officer)

HMCEO (Home Management Chief Executive Officer)
Frances Ruiz, our guest blogger for today’s Ay Mama!, is a licensed attorney who currently stays at home and works as a freelance translator. Bil Keane wrote this The Family Circus cartoon a while ago.  This cartoon is one of my favorites, not only because I love the expression on the Mom’s face, but because... Read more »

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
Previous Post >“The Perfect PINKALICIOUS Tea Party” Over 13,000 children under the age of 19 are diagnosed with it in the United States every year. That translates to a total of 42 children every school day; one every 36 minutes; the equivalent of two average size classrooms. It’s a word all parents fear; a word... Read more »

Red alert

I’m on Red Alert: that’s the level of anxiety I feel before my parents arrive in Chicago. They are wonderful parents that make me laugh all the time, but I’m the daughter of the best hostess ever. My mother loves to entertain, loves to have people stay in her home. She thrives in decorating a... Read more »

Diary of an Adoption

Last April, we received a call from our adoption case manager letting us know that we had been chosen by another birth mother. As we had recently experienced the heartbreak of a failed adoption, we were VERY nervous and scared to enter into this process again, but adoption is all about leaps of faith. We... Read more »

In Memoriam...

My son turned 10 this week. And the sweetest thing about a child’s birthday is, as a parent, being able to look back and reflect on the day your child entered this world. A child’s birthday might be one of the only days you only remember the good times. It’s like you’re getting the gift... Read more »

PVCs- Not Just for Plumbing

Recently, I visited one of my favorite people, Kate. She had broken her hip and was recouping at home, so I played the italian friend and brought lasagna. We got to talking and basically, we laughed over the irony that I write a blog, as I am a relatively private person (she really should be a... Read more »

The Next Peter Lik

Peter Lik is an award-winning, world-renown photographer who owns numerous galleries and takes breath-taking photos.  I stumbled upon his work while flipping to The Weather Channel one day as I was looking for the seven-day forecast.  Instead, his show, “From the Edge with Peter Lik” was on and Cooper and I were hooked.   Peter goes... Read more »

Boys Will Be Boys!

Frances Ruiz, our guest blogger for today’s Ay Mama!, is a licensed attorney who currently stays at home and works as a freelance translator. I was never the sporty type.  I was never the super active one.  I was the girly girl, with ponytail, who loved ballet, jazz and dancing.  I loved to watch TV,... Read more »