Swimming lessons

I am not the kind of person that will wake up at the crack of dawn to stand in line for concert tickets. So why did I end up in line at 6AM to sign up my toddler for swimming lessons?  There I was speeding to get there, when I  live 8 minutes away by car. That was me running to the building like my daughter’s life depended on taking this class.  (Well, it will prevent her from drowning).  Registration started at 6AM and I was there right at 6. I was #6 in line.

It’s not my fault, the system is flawed.  The place I take her to, which we love, doesn’t allow registering on line or via phone, so THEY create this frenzy.  Once you are in line, they hold the applications hostage until you make it to the desk. For the love of all, even Portillo’s allows you to order before you make it to the first window at the drive thru.  Once you fill the paperwork, you move to another line to pay for the class.  After 30 minutes, Amelia was signed up for her 8 weeks of swimming lessons.

But  wait, I think it is my  fault.  I say this because my friend Terry walked in 30 minutes later. No line, no wait and signed up his little girl in the same class. He told me there were 5 spots left when he got there.  What?!

Maybe I bought into the cattle mentality and I should have known better. You see, when I signed her up for her first swimming lessons at the same place, I showed up at 8:45AM after a franctic call from my friend Brenda telling me classes were filling up and I HAD TO GET THERE NOW.  I battled rush hour  traffic from north to south to make it there and still had time to sign her up.    No line, no problem.

So I vow not to do this ever again. I’ve never stood in line for concert tickets and never will. Unless Amelia really wants to go see the newest version of Selena Gomez 6 years from.

By the way, after finishing this post, I found out that as of 7:15AM the group class we needed was fully booked. So, not my fault after all. Ay Mama! 


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  • I used to have to do that for park district ballet lessons. People would get in line HOURS in advance to sign their kids up. One year, when I was almost to the desk, the person in front of me registered their child and then told the person at the desk, they needed to register a child for a neighbor who was on vacation. They let her! And unfortunately, that child who was on vacation got the last spot in the class I wanted for my daughter. As a full-time working teacher, it was the only class that worked with my schedule since so many of the classes for the little ones (3 and 4 year olds) were during the day. I did throw a bit of a fit saying that a family who was not even there in line should not get priority over anyone who was there in line for hours and they ended up putting my child in the class anyway.

  • The things we do. And yes, if you are not in line, you can't sign up. Period. Thanks for reading.

  • I swear, being a parent has made me crazy, like when we waited in line for THE preschool at 5 AM in January, and I was the 2nd to last person they accepted. Argh.

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