More About Farts? Really?

I know, I know… like you don’t have to deal with this topic enough with your kids, now you have to read about it (again)? Maybe you’ll have a laugh at least…

For some reason I cannot fathom, farts have been surrounding me lately. Ha! That made me laugh to re-read, because I mean the word ‘fart’, not the methane aura (nice mental imagery, however).

We drove a lot on vacation, not just there & back, but from our cabin to Lake Leelanau  (best lake ever!). There are two new songs on satellite radio in heavy rotation, and well, it made us all sing along, in our own special way.

Death Cab for Cutie’s new song is called “You are a Tourist“. It starts out slowly repeating: “The fire goes higher’ then sings “when there’s a burning in your heart”.

We start out repeating, “Your farts smell”, then sing “Doc, there’s this burning when I fart. A real burning when I fart.”

Arcade Fire has a new song “Now I’m Ready to Start“. You so know where I’m going with this. Extra points if you actually fart after stating that you’re ready.

The satellite radio receiver also adds it’s own joy into the mix. It has a display telling you who the band is or the song title, etc. BUT it can only hold so many letters, resulting in some band names or songs getting cut off.

The White Stripes have a song called The Hardest Button to Button. Well, it reads: The Hardest Butt. That is a different song entirely.

And non-poop related, a band appeared to be named “Frightened Rabbi”. Scott wondered for months if it was really a Rabbi who was scared or just maybe something else. I think we were looking into upcoming concerts once and we saw an ad for “Frightened Rabbits” ‘Ah HA’! Scott’s mystery was solved.

I recently received the Best Thank You Card ever. It was from my niece Kelley who recently headed off to my alma mater, the University of Illinois (I wish I could be the one going all over again…sigh). Here is the card I got from her: (I changed nothing).

Hey Fartfaces,

Thanks for the graduation gift and for coming to my party! I’ll miss all of your poopy butts. You better come down for a football game! Love you all, Kelley


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