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Lucia's 5th Birthday

Lucia's 5th Birthday
Last week we got to celebrate Lucia’s fifth birthday and for the first time in my life I co-hosted a low key, stress free, kids’ birthday party where absolutely everyone had a blast.  No Martha Stewart this time around, just a few trips to Costco, Party City and Target did the trick. My good friend... Read more »

GM Our Town, Our Heroes: Escalade Hybrid the Lap of Luxury

All the wonderful toys GM gifted us!
My Previous Blog > “How Michael Jackson Slipped Through Her Fingers” “If you continually give, you will continually have” – Unknown The General Motors Our Town, Our Heroes program recognizes philanthropists in the Midwest making a difference.  Every two weeks three nominees are introduced. After being nominated by my friend, Diana, who submitted a beautiful write-up about... Read more »

Day Care: from hell to heaven

Amelia's first teachers @ new day care.  These two ladies showed my daughter love, patience and discipline. They kept in constant communication with me about my daughter's behavior and/or progress. They always had something lovely to say to each child.
As you have read many times, I have a lot of emotional baggage about nursery school.  When I was two and half, a day care teacher who put masking tape on my mouthbecause I wouldn’t stop crying because I missed my mom. (My mother immediately took me out of that place) But maybe the damage... Read more »

Diary of a Failed Adoption - Part IV

I barely slept the night before the baby we were trying to adopt was scheduled for surgery. This poor little girl, only two days old, was going to get her Duodenal Atresia fixed, meaning doctors were going to attach the part of the stomach that was separated from her intestines. Without the surgery, she would... Read more »

I’m telling you, it’s THEM

There’s no other way to say this: My two sons are trying to do me in! Or maybe just maim me. I’ve tried not to come to this conclusion, but after this last incident and the type of clarity that only comes with excruciating pain – there is no other answer. All accusations need proof – so... Read more »

More About Farts? Really?

I know, I know… like you don’t have to deal with this topic enough with your kids, now you have to read about it (again)? Maybe you’ll have a laugh at least… For some reason I cannot fathom, farts have been surrounding me lately. Ha! That made me laugh to re-read, because I mean the... Read more »

My Inner Momma Lioness

Scenario One: Cole was in a jumpy and another older boy tackled him and would not let him up.  I called into the jumpy and told the boy to let him up.  Again the same boy tackled Cole and would not let him up.  This time I went into the jumpy and got the boy... Read more »

A Very Nice Visit

A Very Nice Visit
A couple of weeks ago, I got a call from my Mom saying that she was going to come over to visit us for a month.  Her plan was to visit my dear sister, Lisa, in Chicago and then take the Mega Bus to Indianapolis to spend the other half of her trip with us. ... Read more »

How Michael Jackson Slipped Through Her Fingers

New Jersey's Ladies' Night Out Fundraiser - Michael Jackson's autographed album just within Cathy's reach!
My Previous Blog > “Holy Hell! She’s Possessed!” Almost everybody has a celebrity they would love to meet; someone in a movie or whose music triggers unforgettably sweet memories. For my friend, Cathy, hers is Michael Jackson, and she tells a funny story about the night she almost took him home with her. Growing up MJ’s songs... Read more »

Swimming lessons

I am not the kind of person that will wake up at the crack of dawn to stand in line for concert tickets. So why did I end up in line at 6AM to sign up my toddler for swimming lessons?  There I was speeding to get there, when I  live 8 minutes away by... Read more »