The Force is Strong With This One

Sometimes I look at Dylan and wonder how such a child, conceived in Kazakhstan by two complete strangers, could turn out to be EXACTLY like my own brother?

Not only do Jadit and Dylan kind of look alike, with their curly hair and slanted eyes, but they have the exact same personality: both are extremely friendly and outgoing, have artistic tendencies, and are very energetic. Above all, though, both of them have an undying passion for all things Star Wars.

My brother is one of those people for whom Star Wars had a tremendous impact in his life. After seeing the movie as a child, he decided he wanted to work in the film industry, and he never deviated from that goal. He had everything Star Wars: the Ewok Village, the Rancor, the Millennium Falcon, the Darth Vader carrying case filled with all the action figures you could imagine. He knows the name of every ship and planet and character in the original three movies (and maybe even the new ones too). In short, he is a FAN.

And so is his nephew.

I’m not even sure anymore how or when Dylan’s passion for Star Wars began, but it has been growing steadily for several months now. His dad, of course, did very little to discourage his Star Wars interest, being a fan himself. He even went so far as to go on E-bay and purchase some of the same exact toys my brother used to have as a child, including the Ewok village, Jabba the Hutt, and the Rancor. Dylan now has almost as vast a collection of Star Wars action figures as my brother ever did, and is always thinking up of more characters he is still missing.

The kid who can barely recognize the letters of the alphabet can tell you the name of every character in his Star Wars sticker book, what color Light Saber they use, whether they are Jedi or Sith. He knows that Chancellor Palpatine turns into the Emperor, that Anakin turns into Darth Vader and that he is the father of Luke and Leia. He knows that Jabba the Hutt lives in Tatooine and that he has a nephew called Ziro and a son called Rotta. I could go on and on and on, but you get the idea. He knows his stuff!

I’ve mentioned before in this blog how, growing up, my brother loved all things gory and gross. His favorite toys were always the ugliest ones: monsters, giant spiders, etc. Dylan is the exact same way. His absolute favorite Star Wars characters are the monsters: Jabba the Hutt, the Wampa, and above all, the Rancor. He loves the Rancor so much that, for his Star-Wars themed birthday party back in April, he decided he HAD to have a Rancor cake (of course, they don’t sell a Rancor sheet cake, so Mami had to improvise).

To Dylan, everything can somehow become Star-Wars related. When he sees those bronze statues that look like kids swinging in the park or a man seated on a bench, he screams “They’re frozen in carbonite!” 

The other day, when I picked him up from camp, I asked what the theme of the day had been. He immediately came back with “Battle Droids!” and rattled on and on about how the Battle Droids shot the Jedis and they fought in their spaceships, etc. It wasn’t until right before bedtime that evening that he finally admitted that the day’s theme had not been Battle Droids, but music.

 My brother is proud beyond belief of his nephew’s passion for and knowledge of Star Wars. I am too, of course, but mostly it just brings me back to my childhood and Jadit’s same enthusiasm for the stuff. It truly blows my mind that the two of them could be so similar. If Jadit never has a son, he can rest assured that there already is another incarnation of him in the family!

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