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Aging Gracefully, OK. Cheerfully, well...

I have asked my good friend Keri Graham (as in the lotion and the cracker) to write for me today. We first became friends when I noticed there was another library mom  yelling for and running after her young son as much as I was for Sam. I was not alone. She has saved my... Read more »

It Is Time For THE TALK

I can’t believe that it’s time for ‘the talk’ with my four-year old son Cooper.  OK, OK, it’s not the talk you are thinking of…get your minds out of the gutter.  Nice tease right?  I need to have the talk with Cooper about being a vegetarian.  Recently, he came home from school and told me... Read more »

Adios Mexico!

Our Mexico trip was almost over and during our last days under the Caribbean sun we took the kids to swim with the dolphins and visited Xcaret, an amazing ecological park located in the Mayan Riviera.  The kids loved swimming with the dolphins since they were able to kiss them, hug them, pet them and... Read more »

PHOTOS: Atia's Celebration of Life Party

My family lining up to play Candy Land
My Previous Blog > “I Don’t Have To Take Chemo Anymore!” The much anticipated party has come and gone, and it was simply amazing! Atia and our entire family had an incredible time, as did the other attendees, I’m told. We danced, we sang, we laughed, we played, we ate, we decorated, we won prizes,... Read more »

Does your child talk too much?

“Dear Family, now I understand when you said I talked so much as a kid I made you dizzy. Revenge is now yours.” I posted that comment one desperate evening when Amelia even spoke through her toothpaste full teeth.  I was expecting my aunts, uncles, cousins and big brother to reply with some sarcastic or... Read more »


I’m gonna keep this sequel short and sweet. The 3 Testosterones are out of town. The big one is away on business and the younger ones are at SKATEBOARDING CAMP! [cue the thunder crash and evil music] Just last week I was complaining about my husband’s shifting stance that would allow our 12 year old... Read more »

Post-Potter Depression (No Spoilers!)

Post-Potter Depression (No Spoilers!)
I have it. Again. Post-Potter Depression hit hard after reading the final book, just knowing it was all over. When Harry was preparing to face Voldemort in their final battle, I had to put the book down and cry (and I am not a crier). I was at the end of the most amazing series... Read more »

What’s My Deal With Video Games

I love the fact that I have two boys.  I am a tomboy at heart so I enjoy many of the things Cooper and Cole are interested in.  Things like sports, cars, trucks, Star Wars, rock music, etc, but there are other things that boys are into that I just don’t get.  Things like guns,... Read more »

Miss Iberostar

We were staying at the IberostarPlaya Paraiso, a five star all-inclusive hotel twenty minutes from Playa del Carmen, Mexico.  The hotel was absolutely beautiful; it had five swimming pools, including a lazy river and a wave pool for the kids to enjoy.  From kids club to six restaurants and an amazing spa, the resort was... Read more »

I Don't Have To Take Chemo Anymore

Thumbnail image for 'I Don't Have To Take Chemo Anymore'
My Previous Blog > “The Wiggles and the 4th of July” On Wednesday, July 6th Atia took her final dose of oral chemotherapy; the last one. She’s finished. Fini. Finito. Fin! No matter how you say it, it was THE moment of all moments and it happened in the blink of an eye, in the... Read more »