Memorable quotes from the mouths of babes

What is the funniest and/or most embarrassing words that have come out of your child’s mouth?  Our guest blogger  Sandra Martinez shares some memorable quotes from her two daughters ages 9 and 5.

As I think about a number of memorable phrases that I’ve heard my daughters, ages 9 and almost 6 say since I became a mom, there are a few lines that stand out. I want to share the best lines with you, as I am sure you can relate to some of these:

  • Remember when we took papi to the hospital. I thought he was going to die, but he didn’t.  They just put some Band-aids, and he was alive. (Note: Papi went to the hospital for a minor procedure.)


  • Uh! Mami and papi are kissing on the lips. That’s disgusting!


  • Mami, when papi dies, can you drop me off at school?


  • My almost 6-year-old asking her older sister: “Why are you the oldest sister?” Her sister replied, “Because God did it that way!”


  • As I put my youngest daughter to bed on her very first night in Chicago after three weeks in Guatemala to visit my husband’s family she says,” Menos mal that the plane did not land on water, ¡menos mal!”


  • “Mami, what do you want to be when you grow up?” (Note: Mami is almost 41 years old and has been working for more than 20 years!)


  • “I want some mushrooms on my frozen yogurt.”

“Andrea, you mean ‘marshmallows.’ “No,” with a cranky voice and sounding very aggravated, “mushrooms!”


  • Why did you marry my dad?


  • Pretty loud as we are coming from the bathroom of a restaurant to our table to meet my husband, “We went potty, and mom is bleeding.” Needless to say, the whole restaurant found out that I had my period.


  • Looking at a $549,000 house on sale in our neighborhood. My 9-year-old says, “Too bad it’s not $1. Can you pay this house with your debit card?”

If you haven’t heard any of these lines from your kids yet, you will at some point. Trust me! Enjoy your kids and being a mom. They sure have an interesting way to see life. ¡Ay mama!



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