Color Dunk- an Awesome Pool Game

Color Dunk- an Awesome Pool Game

Aaaahhh summer is upon us. BBQ’s, the kids running around like crazy people. Nightly firefly catching sessions. Days at the pool. Camps. Camping. Fighting. Getting on each others nerves. Parents losing patience, waiting for school to start up again…

I have the cure! (It’s almost as good as a family pillow fight for alleviating your annoyances!) Color Dunk! Coming soon to a pool near you…


There are two players-the dunker and the dunkee.

The dunker thinks of a color.

The dunkee guess what that color might be. If they are wrong, they get dunked by the dunker. (I will hold the kids in my arms and dunk them or the kids will leap up onto my shoulders to dunk me- Zoe likes to assume a cat position and evil-ly leap onto me-see photo).

When the right color is guessed- it’s the dunkers turn to go under. (Either I happily throw them in or they dunk themselves).

We limit the colors to more common ones (white/black), of the rainbow, or metal-like gold or silver. For some reason magenta, aquamarine and periwinkle appear frequently too.

So… off with you! Go think up a good color, relieve some pent up tensions, and dunk your kids!

(I’m sending a personal Get Well Soon wish to one of my favorite men out there. Any and all prayers are welcomed. Feel better soon.- Love and hugs, Big Red & the Clan)

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