Can a child hate Winnie the Pooh?

“Hop” had too many humans. “Rio” was tough with the 3-D glasses. “Cars 2” has too many shootings.  That is how I rationalized why my three and half year old didn’t seem to sit through a kid flick. So you understand why I thought “Winnie the Pooh” would be THE film that would grab her attention and keep her in her seat.  Well, I can report that it was THE worst movie experience of her very short life.  It didn’t scare her, she wasn’t distracted, it apparently made her very sad.  We had to leave 30 minutes into the movie.

I have no idea what happened but 5 minutes after the film started, Amelia told me her eyes were wet. I checked her for an allergic reaction or a fever. She had neither so I passed her a napkin. Ten minutes later my girl says out loud “Mama, I don’t like this movie. Let’s go home.”  Her voice expressed heartfelt sadness, like when her Daddy or I scold her and her feelings get hurt.  I sat her on my lap and told her we could leave. “Yes, Mama, after the movie is over.”  That is her usual answer whenever we’ve been to the movies and she says she wants to leave,  so I thought she was going to be fine.  She went back to her seat and had some popcorn.

Five minutes later , I look over and my daughter is drying her tears with her napkin. I could see her lips quivering. The girl was truly verklempt and  I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Amelia if you don’t like the movie, we can go home.”

“Really Mama, can I take my popcorn, my candy and my lemonade with us.’


Once out of the movie theater she was her usual happy and cheerful self.  I asked what she didn’t like about the movie.  “Was it the dark theater?” “Was it the loud sounds.”  She replied, “No, I didn’t like the movie.” Enough said.

Now I sit here wondering if Amelia really doesn’t like the movies. It could be hereditary since my husband can barely sit through an entire film, at home or at the theater.  Should I wait until she asks to go to the movies before taking her again?  Save her the drama and save me $31 in tickets and snacks. And what do I do about our theater outing to see “Beauty and the Beast” this Wednesday.  Amelia loved her first theater experience but it was very interactive and toddler friendly.  She had no problem at Disney on Ice but we are talking about a Beast with a booming voice in a dark theater.  Sounds like a recipe for disaster, don’t you think?  Ay Mama!

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