An Oprah-Like Blog Update

An Oprah-Like Blog Update
Perry Farrell

The ladies of “Ay, Mama!” have been writing this blog together for a year and a half. That’s amazes me to think about (and it’s even more amazing that I can keep finding things to yak on about!).

There are many reasons I am being reflective today. Maybe it’s that we have watched as Atia finished her chemotherapy treatments (YAY!), or that it’s summer and we’re enjoying every fleeting minute, that a good friend recently had a health scare, or that we have an Oprah void…whatever the reason, I thought it time for an update on things that happened over this year and a half of Ay, Mama together.

The ants returned. With a vengeance. My friend called in hysterics, as her daughter was tending our cats while we were on vacation. Crackers had fallen…the ants found them and I wasn’t here to be Ant Public Enemy #1. Thousands of them swarmed. I can just picture the horror show when poor Gianna arrived. Eeewwww.

Farts are still hilariously funny.

This spring, my killer cats found a warren of rabbits. The horror show I awoke to daily was disgusting and disturbing. I tried to shield the kids from it, and mostly did, but c’mon. Do I really need to discover 4 legs and a bunny tail while drowsily retrieving my morning paper? Poor bunnies.

After weeks of watching what I ate and doing a few more reps at the gym, I moved that cursed big block on the scale back down to where it should be, but just barely. That’s all I needed. We’ll see if that is still true after vacation…Oy!

Lee DeWyze, Mt Prospect’s American Idol winner, is had a concert July 20th at Six Flags in Gurnee, IL.  (I was out of town). He’s finally out of his contract with AI (I believe they have the winners for a year- I could be wrong), and I am excited to see what he does next. Haley Reinhart, from neighboring Wheeling is currently  on the Idol’s tour.

I plan to return from our Michigan vacation loaded up with piles of new rocks and a few petoskys (those coral fossils found on the beaches of Lake Michigan). Scott bought me a rock tumbler for my birthday (I know, right? I thought that too, and it would be a riotous gift had I not actually priced them for myself. Don’t get me wrong, I gave him (some) hell and joked ala Charlie Brown’s Halloween Special: “I got a cupcake!”- Lucy, “I got a rock…tumbler”.- Me.) Anyway, I plan to use it again to turn our boring old rocks into shiny old rocks. Look at me go!

I have one incorrect song lyric, but it’s too lewd for me to reprint here, you’ll have to ask me.

We’re shopping local as much as possible and will be funding farmers/orchard owners by having my family eating a pound of cherries a day. Oooh, and cherry-covered chocolate pancakes…yum!

The zombies didn’t take over the world, and someone’s friend joked that maybe there was a rapture and we were all left behind. Gasp. I’m not so sure. If Lisa H is still here and all kids are all still here, I think that theory is shot.

Randy Southern, who has written for me before-and made us all cry- came into town last week for a stop-over from a family vacation in South Dakota. Everyone seems to be doing great and it’s wonderful to see a family meld together so nicely. The kids’ favorite vacation memory: as a herd of buffalo had stopped their car and they got to see baby buffalo. Plus, they were giddy about seeing Harry Potter.

Lollapalooza is next weekend and I can hardly wait. It’s their 20th anniversary, and I am going for my 17th time. (I missed the heavy metal year -not a fan- and due to babies). I actually met founder/Jane’s Addiction’s front man Perry Farrell once. I was completely star struck-which is unlike me, and basically made an ass out of myself. I asked for a hug, but didn’t stop there…oh no. I then told him I loved him…and said-ala Chris Farley on SNL ” ‘member, back in the 90’s, the fans during Ministry’s set started throwing chunks of sod in the air-which looked like popcorn, but was far more dangerous? That was AWESOME” Internal monolog: “Shut up, shut up! Shut up, self!” For his part, he cound not have been sweeter, he smiled obligingly, then went on stage for an intimate set (see photo) where he rocked it (and he laughed at me for cheering loudly for “Mountain Song”).

Have a happy, summery Friday! Thank you for a wonderful 1.5 years of Ay, Mama! and for caring enough to read my musings.

Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain.  Vivian Greene

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