Scrolling through pictures/video and I came across some of the boys’ documented outings. They do their fair share of nothing, and we could up their participation in team sports (if only that didn’t involve so much parental participation outside of the home), but the boys are active enough. And when there’s no rain or snow on the ground their favorite activity is skateboarding

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(Noah snapped this shot of Gen)


And they’re REALLY into it. And that’s cool. There are some activities we share with our kids and there are some we do not. And that’s REALLY cool.  I had a skateboard when I was a teen. It was plastic and yellow. And that’s about as close as I come to understanding anything about skateboarding in this day and age. PopShuvIts. Ollies. Fakies. KickFlips. Manuals. 50-50s. NoseGrinds. It’s a whole language that I don’t know and kinda don’t want to know. I mean, as long as these terms aren’t curses or sex positions… talk that talk — to each other. (They laugh at me when I try to speak their skater language)When they play video games, they’re games about skateboarding. The majority of what they watch on TV or the computer is about skateboarding. They want skinny jeans (OH HECKY NAWH! WE DRAW THE LINE THERE!!) They even use fingerboards, which allows them to skateboard inside the house. (Added bonus: they’re usually pretty quiet when fingerboarding)



(fingerboarding = meditation)


They spend a lot of time at the Chicago’s skate parks (31st Street Beach, Columbus Drive, Wilson Ave) and some of the indoor parks in the ‘burbs. And while that involves parental involvement outside of the home, I don’t really mind… often.
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(Noah testing the limits at Krush, Tinley Park)


I like that they’ve found a way to incorporate their interest into their schoolwork: The 6th grader created a stock portfolio for skateboarding company. And the 3rd grader did his Spanish project on an acrobatic skateboarder from Spain.  Genesis is always been about the numbers and Noah is always about the action – they talk about owning their own boarding company someday..


(The boys & their skateboards at the M.L. King Center, Atlanta)

And when I hear them talking about and/or doing things together as brothers – it makes me smile. They have complementary personalities and I love to see them unite their powers.  I enjoy their excitement when they learn a new move. The hard work they put into nailing a trick is inspiring.  I want to believe it’s teaching them the rewards of perseverance and how to laugh at themselves: Now that‘s the stuff that makes me want to bust a KickFlip and Grind. (Wait – did I say that right?)

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