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Our First Movie Adventure: CARS 2

The boys have never been to the movies at a theater before.  Every Saturday night, we have movie night at our house and take turns picking the movie. We make popcorn and pile on the couch together to enjoy the show.    When we first started this tradition a year ago, Cooper would always select... Read more »

Atia's Final Spinal Tap

She woke up smiling and in a great mood. She complained of no aches or pains.
My Previous Blog > “Atia’s Celebration of Life Party“ At three years old, Atia has spent more of her life in and out of hospitals fighting for survival than not. She’s mastered the names of complicated toxic drugs like, Methotrexate and Mercaptopurine, and often incorporates medical procedures into her make-believe play time.  “I’m going to... Read more »

Is it ever the right time to become a Mom?

Nina is on vacation this week.  Her friend Alejandra Adán is our guest blogger. She lives in New York City and is the Co-Founder and Program Director of a dual-language preschool on the Upper West Side. Alejandra tackles the big question in today’s post: Is there ever a right time to  become a Mom? This... Read more »

How does freedom feel for a working mom

Best friends Sandra Martinez & Ana Belaval and their daughters celebrate Mother's Day.
You’ve read about her over and over in my blog. She is my best friend from college, my “comadre” and one of my most quotable friends. My “sister” Sandra Martinez, a working wife and mother of 2 experiences freedom for the first time in 9 years. After I heard her reaction, I realized she needed... Read more »


Oooh, it’s that time of year again. The end of the (traditional) school year: A time when children rejoice, teachers exhale and parents… I don’t know – what do parents do when the familiar routine of the back and forth and homework and evaluations (of your student or you as a parent?), and explanations and... Read more »

An F1 Tornado in Mt Prospect

It’s odd, because as I sit typing this, I know that 1/2 my town is without power. We’re on the news. Helicopters buzz. Neighbors are interviewed (but this time, it’s not for American Idol). Com Ed crews and tree service guys flank the streets. The lead story on Chicago news: “It’s official: Mt Prospect was hit... Read more »

You're Only a Kid Once

Today’s guest blogger is Frances Ruiz, former lawyer and current stay-at-home mom of two. Enjoy! My next door neighbor was a school principal and he mentioned that when he interviewed his first grade students and asked them what their favorite part of school was, he almost had the same response every time: “recess”. I don’t... Read more »

Summer Fun

A few days ago was the first official day of summer.  I always have high expectations for my summer plans and want to squeeze in everything I can to take advantage of these “three” months of good Chicago weather.   It’s funny.  Years ago before kids, my idea of summer fun was very different that... Read more »

The Joy (and Pain) of Reading Jodi Picoult

I am FINALLY that mom. The one who can take her kids to the pool- while I read. It may be a small victory, but I have awaited this day for 9 years. (See, it will happen, believe me!) A few years ago, my friend and fellow book-clubber Christy told me I had to read Jodi Picoult’s... Read more »

Atia's Celebration of Life Party

Atia's Celebration of Life Party
My Previous Blog > “Who’s On My Watch?” 19 more days of chemotherapy treatment – Incredible 2 more doses of Methotrexate – Exhilarating 1 more spinal tap with chemo while sedated – Relieving July 10th, the end of treatment – GLORIOUS! After over two years of fighting cancer, a battle unexpectedly thrust upon us, Atia... Read more »