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Good Times

I know I write a lot about my family and my friends, since these are the most important people in my life.  Since we live abroad, we spend a great deal of time talking to our kids about their grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles; family has always been number one in my list of priorities.... Read more »


 [cue the traveling music] Some people hate being cooped up in a vehicle  — not me. I like riding and driving. I like watching the scenery change and trying to get as much open road behind me as possible. My grandfather and his brothers were car-crazy entrepreneurs and owned a taxi business; they did cross town... Read more »

Zombies! Apocalypse? End of Days...C'mon!

We have been bombarded with disasters.  Blizzards. Earthquakes. Tsunamis. Floods. Tornados (in Massachusetts!). Forest fires. Oil Spills. Nuclear meltdowns. Now the dire predictions of an active hurricane season… It seems like every day I see another town flattened by a devastating event. I mean, destroyed.  Rubble fields where there were once subdivisions. Death tolls. It is... Read more »

Why them?

A friend of my recently suffered the devastating loss of her unborn child halfway through her pregnancy. When I reached out to her to offer my condolences, she said she couldn’t understand why these tragedies happen to good people, people who would give anything to dedicate their lives to loving a child. I understand this... Read more »

To Pass Out OR Not To Pass Out?

Weird title right?  Let me explain…   So our bedtime routine for the boys every night is for Ken and me to pair off with one of them.  We read four books, sing some songs and lie down with them.    It is a great routine that we all love.  The problem here is that... Read more »

Relay for Life- American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society’s signature event is their ‘Relay For Life‘ which Mt. Prospect hosted last weekend “to celebrate those who have battled cancer, to remember loved ones lost, and to fight back against this disease. Each year, more than 3.5 million people in 5,000 communities in the United States gather to take part in this global... Read more »

A Lost Girl

Last week I saw a little girl in front of my house, the poor thing was lost and she had no idea how to find her way back home.  The girl was around five or six years old and from Middle Eastern descend.  It’s OK, I will not leave you until we find your house,... Read more »


…I need a moment.  I’ve been saying that a lot lately.  A few days ago, when the 12-year-old came home from school sounding like Donald Duck on helium the first thing I told him was, “I need a moment.” I didn’t want to laugh in the boy’s face, so in that moment, I composed myself... Read more »

The Man Weekend

Last weekend, all the Kubal men embarked on a little getaway to Apple Canyon. Early last Friday morning Bill, his dad, his brother Mike, our nephews Justin and Jack, and of course, Dylan, stuffed three cars full of supplies, snacks and bags and headed off for three days of golf, fishing, and hanging out in... Read more »

Have I Become A Business Wimp?

I think being a mom has made me a business wimp.  I know this does not happen to all working moms, but I think it has happened to me.   All of the time I have spent with my kids telling them to be nice to each other, to share their toys and not call... Read more »