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Last Saturday’s blog > OUR LAST-MINUTE SPRING BREAK/BROKE It’s family game night.  This is not a weekly event. But we’ve dodged each other long enough – so it’s family game night.  Game of choice: CONNECT 4×4. It’s just like Connect 4, but there’s an extra grid and up to 4 people at a time can play.... Read more »


Spring Break 2011 for the boys, Genesis (12) and Noah (9). We’ve known this week was coming since… at least September 2010.  And while we never planned to fulfill Noah’s travel plans: NOAH: “Mom, I think we should go to Asia for Spring Break”  ME: “Little boy, what kind of life do you think we’re... Read more »

Happy Easter!

Growing up in Puerto Rico, there were certain things about the United States that truly fascinated me. American high schools, for example…how I longed to walk those clean, giant halls and visit a real school cafeteria (although I never really had a desire to actually EAT the cafeteria food). I wanted to go to a... Read more »

Who Me Embarrassed? Hardly!

Ever since I became a parent, I have changed in a few ways.  For example, I am a very impatient person in general, but when it comes to Cooper and Cole, I have an abundance of patience.  Before kids, I was also a neat freak…everything had a place in the house.  Now, I still want... Read more »

Advice from a Speech Therapist

Kathleen Schafer, our school’s Speech and Language Pathologist, offers advice on your child’s speech development. This topic is near and dear to me, as I took speech until 3rd grade (the words ‘world’ and ‘peculiar’ were torture!), and my Sam was hardly understandable at 3. We joked that we all could speak “Sam-ese”. His speech... Read more »

Creating a New Game

My husband Scott has a knack for making up things.  Our large chrome coffee maker is The Caffeinator: Rise of the Machine. His two award-winning chilies (he won back-to-back competitions) are Sunburned Zebra (black & white beans) and Paloma Blanca- (chicken & white beans). When his mom gets on a talking roll on the phone,... Read more »

A 3 year old Pitbull fan

I admit it, it’s totally my fault. As soon as I noticed my daughter liked my Latin music, I would blast my favorite hits for her. Amelia especially liked “merengue”, percussion and horn ladden rhythms from Dominican Republic, and “regueton”, a recent musical phenomenon closely related to rap.   It all started with pop star... Read more »

Can You MacGiver That?

For some reason I can make an excellent Thai shrimp curry, perfectly grill a salmon, and even host from baby showers to Super Bowl Parties but I have zero mechanical-building skills.  We need to install a new ceiling fan in the kids’ room or Let’s build a new deck!  That is usually me, talking in plural, as... Read more »

Old School Rules

“Why are you standing up with toilet paper sticking out of your butt? That’s nasty dude.” And so begins our family movie night. Hey, it is what it is.  I live with The 3 Testosterones. If a body part or emission doesn’t enter the conversation at regular intervals…well that’ll never happen. Anyhow.  FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT –... Read more »

Security Check: TSA's 3-1-1 Rule, Broken

On the way home, passing the time with a hug at the airport.
Last Week’s Blog >  “Dina Manzo Thanks Chicago For An Amazing First Ladybug Bash” n June of 2010, after Asher’s Christening and the baby shower I co-hosted for my bestie, we made a quick trip down to Florida to celebrate my nephew, Tony’s high school graduation. As always, leaving the state and being far away from... Read more »